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Top 5 Fun Family Activities for a Weekend Spring Getaway in Interlaken

Updated: Jun 8

Glamorous Weekend Getaways That Won't Break the Bank.

Interlaken is our top pick for family adventures, offering a perfect mix of thrilling activities, peaceful relaxation, and breathtaking scenery. Nestled between two shimmering lakes and surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps, this charming town is a treasure trove of fun and exploration for all ages.

Spring is an exceptional time to visit Interlaken for a family weekend getaway, especially when snow still caps the mountains while the valley blooms with activities. During this season, the weather at higher altitudes can be unpredictable, making it the perfect time to explore the multitude of activities the valley has to offer. From scenic lakeside walks to thrilling adventure parks, the valley is alive with opportunities for family fun. We'll focus on these accessible, valley-based adventures now, and save the exciting summer mountain activities for another time!

Interlaken family

But you might ask, does experiencing all this cost a fortune? Not at all! We’ve discovered many ways to enjoy outdoor adventures in the area without breaking the bank. Below, you'll find some tips and ideas for fun family getaway in Interlaken, along with suggestions on how to keep the costs down.


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While Interlaken offers a wide range of hotels and apartments to suit any budget, glamping is our top choice — a luxurious twist on traditional camping. We seek out spots that blend a close connection to nature with a splash of luxury, maintaining that authentic camping vibe but with enhanced comfort and keeping the costs in check.

For us, the ideal glamping experience involves staying in a cozy wooden hut, yurt, or a plush tent, each equipped with essential comforts like our own bed and coffee machine, to ensure those crisp mornings start perfectly. Having a private sanitary unit is the cherry on top — then we're truly happy bunnies!

Others may prefer a more minimalist, purist approach to their outdoor experience. No matter your preference for comfort, glamping sites in Interlaken offer a spectrum of options, ensuring there's something for everyone.


Glamping at a picturesque campsite with charming wooden igloos for rent - which is an Interlaken family weekend getaway adventure in itself!

Fun Factors:

  • Amazing People Running the Site: We were impressed by the incredible team, whose kindness and attentiveness made us feel right at home!

  • Charming Wooden Igloos & Cozy Bungalows: Choose from four unique igloo styles for a fun glamping experience or pick a bungalow for extra comfort.

  • Playground with a View: Let the kids play in our cute playground while you enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

  • Water Fun: Splash in the pool, relax in the whirlpool, or explore the nearby lake for endless water fun!


  • During peak season igloos book out quickly - consider booking in advance.

Practical info:

Location: Lehnweg 6, 3800 Unterseen

  • Igloo: From 65 CHF per night (low season) to 75 CHF per night (high season)

  • Love Igloo | Igloo Deluxe | Igloo XL: from 90 CHF per night (low season) to 105 CHF per night (high season)

  • Price per person: 4 - 10 CHF per night

  • Extra charge: Sleeping bags | dogs



  • TCS Camping Interlaken: Variety of glamping options, including safari tents and deluxe pods and a playground.



During our family weekend getaways, we love to mix it up with dining in, barbecuing, and enjoying scenic picnics. Interlaken offers a delightful array of options that fit every budget. We particularly appreciate the casual dining scene here, which isn't as common in other Swiss towns.

  • Casual dining: We often opt for casual spots with more of a family pub feel and with kids' menus. Hüsi Bierhaus, Brasserie 17, and 3 Tells Irish Pub are on our list for a laid-back meal. And when it comes to Italian, Citta Vecchia comes highly recommended for its cozy ambiance and delicious dishes.

  • Cooking & Barbecuing When we opt for glamping, barbecuing is always on our agenda! Lazy Rancho is perfect for this, with barbecue facilities located right next to the playground — very convenient for families. Plus, most campsites are well-equipped with kitchens, allowing guests to prepare their own meals.

  • Picnic time! Finally, one of our absolute favorite activities is picnicking! Around Interlaken and at all the spots we recommend, you’ll find fantastic picnic areas. All you need is good weather, and you're all set for a memorable meal outdoors with stunning views. We absolutely love laying out a blanket and enjoying a meal surrounded by nature.

interlaken family weekend getaway



Maximize Your Savings: A Guide to Interlaken Discount Cards

There are many wonderful places to visit and explore, with plenty of free activities like walking, biking, and hiking. Some attractions, however, require an entrance fee, but you can enjoy discounts with several cards:

We've listed the discounts these cards offer for our top attractions below. Additionally, some attractions provide extra savings with the Museum Pass, SBB, and boat tickets, which we have also included for your convenience.



Interlaken is a haven for waterfall lovers, with eight stunning cascades around the town, each offering a unique view. Just a short 30-minute trip by train or car takes you to the Lauterbrunnen Valley, where 72 more enchanting waterfalls await - and most can be admired free of charge.

Choosing the most impressive one is tough, as they are all stunning, but for a family adventure, St. Beatus Caves and Waterfalls is a fantastic choice. This beautiful spot is easy to reach and packed with fun activities for kids. With a waterfall, 1 km of caves to explore, a dragon-themed playground, and a museum, it’s a perfect way to engage kids and ignite their imaginations.

Fun Factors:

  • Easy Access: The site is conveniently located next to the parking area.

  • Stunning Waterfall Emerging from the Caves: Witness the mesmerising sight of water cascading directly from the cave's mouth.

  • 1 km Long Cave Exploration: Venture into the heart of the mountain with a kilometer of well-lit and guided pathways.

  • Dragon-Themed Playground: Enter the dragon's mouth, slide down its tail, and conquer the fort.

  • Cute Interactive Museum

  • Breathtaking Views Over the Waterfall and Lake Thun


  • Approx. 10-min uphill walk (stroller friendly) to caves

  • No stroller allowed in the caves

  • The waterfall and playground are free; the caves have an entrance fee.

  • The temperature in the caves is 8-10°C

2024 Prices:

  • Waterfall and playground: Free

  • Caves and museum: Adults: 19.00 CHF | Children (6-16 years old): 11.00 CHF | Children under 6 year olds: Free | Family ticket (2 adults + kids): 49 CHF

  • Discounts: 20% off when combined with SBB railticket | 15% off with the Interlaken Pass |10% off with a Camping Card | 30% off with the Berner Oberland Pass | up to 50% off when combined with a boat ticket

Visiting time: 2 - 3 hours

Food: Stein & Sein restaurant | Picnic spot at the playground



  • Trümmelbach Falls: Europe’s largest subterranean waterfalls thunder down inside the mountain with Funicular access and stroller-friendly paths.

  • Giessbach Falls: A fairy-tale waterfall that drops over 14 tiers by Lake Brienz, with a funicular, picnic spots, and a playground.

  • Staubbach Falls: One of Europe's highest free-falls, visible from Lauterbrunnen. with nearby playgrounds and easy paths.



Open-air museums offer a unique opportunity to explore history in an interactive environment, where authentic buildings, live demonstrations, and natural settings bring the past to life.

Ballenberg is unmatched as an open-air experience, featuring over 100 authentic buildings across 66 hectares and a must visit during your Interlaken family weekend getaway. Visitors can freely explore, enjoy hands-on activities, playgrounds, workshops, and live demonstrations for a truly immersive experience.

Fun Factors:

  • Exploring Historical Villages: Wander through time in authentically reconstructed villages and learn about the past from the architecture and layout.

  • Loads of Pretend Play: Engage in imaginative play in various settings, allowing kids to become characters from different eras and professions.

  • Crafting Demonstrations: Watch skilled artisans perform traditional crafts, offering insight into age-old techniques and art forms.

  • Hands-on Activities: Participate in interactive workshops where both kids and adults can try their hand at crafting and other activities.

  • Playgrounds and a Carousel: Enjoy multiple play areas with a range of play equipment and a charming carousel that delights children of all ages.

  • Animal Enclosures and Petting Area: Meet and interact with friendly farm animals, providing a fun and educational experience for animal lovers.

  • Four Restaurants and Many Picnic Areas: Savour delicious local cuisine at one of the four restaurants or pack a lunch to enjoy in one of the many scenic picnic spots.

  • Stroller-Friendly, with Pull Carriage Rentals: Navigate the area easily thanks to wide, smooth paths and rent a pull carriage to make exploring comfortable for the little ones.


  • The museum's large area (66 hectares) may require more than a day to fully explore. Plan your visit strategically to cover the areas most interesting to you.

  • Since fun activities are scattered throughout the museum, our Family Fun Factor map highlights our favourites to help you navigate and find them all.

Interlaken family weekend getaway Ballengerg map

  • Tip:  Workshops and some hands-on activities have specific times; check the schedule before visiting.

Where: Museumsstrasse 100, 3858 Hofstetten bei Brienz

Recommended age: Any age

Visiting time: 1 - 2 days

Food: Many picnic areas | Four restaurants



Although not an open air museum, The Trauffer Museum, dedicated to the famous Swiss woodcarver's art, offers a fascinating look at handcrafted wooden toys and is a delight for kids with interactive exhibits and opportunities to try their hand at carving.



Treasure hunts are perfect for holidays or family adventures because they provide an exciting, often free way to discover new areas and create memorable moments through a shared mission. In the Interlaken area, there are three treasure hunts and 2 fox trails that families can enjoy.

This treasure hunt is our top pick because it's fun, offers beautiful views, it's completely free and perfect for younger kids who can count but may not yet be able to read.

Fun Factors:

  • Free and Accessible: Pick up a booklet from the Bönigen tourist office, available 24/7, with clear instructions in English.

  • Explore Bönigen: Find 17 spots across 3.8 km, exploring town streets, fields, and the lakeside.

  • Fun Challenges: Engage in tasks like counting bird feeders, spotting yellow playground pieces, and identifying zebra stripes on road signs.

  • Discover the Prize: Complete the tasks, unlock the chest with the code, and reveal a surprise prize!


  • Potentially Tiring: The hunt involves 17 tasks, which may be tiring for younger kids.

  • Counting Skills Needed: It's suitable for kids who can count to at least 10, as all tasks involve counting items

Start & End: Bönigen Tourist Office - Seestrasse 6, 3806 Bönigen

Prices: Free

Recommended age: Kids who can already count to 10

Visiting time: 1 - 3 hours

Food: Picnic areas and restaurants towards the end of the route



  • FoxTrail Thun: Dive into the puzzle-packed streets of Thun, finding clues along the sparkling lake and ending with treats in cozy cafés.

  • FoxTrail Ballenberg (extra charge): Uncover hidden tales among historic homes and farmyards in the Ballenberg open-air museum, with surprises and stories around every corner.

  • Aeschi Treasure Hunt: Embark on a quest through Aeschi’s lush landscapes, where each clue leads to stunning views.

  • Ringgenberg Treasure Trail: Journey through Ringgenberg discovering secret spots and enchanting views, capped off with a picnic or café visit by the lake!



We love adventure parks for our family outings because they offer a blend of excitement, physical activity, and opportunities to bond and create lasting memories.

OUR TOP PICK: Rope Park Interlaken

Fun aerial obstacle courses among towering trees, suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Fun Factors:

  • Suitable for young kids: The park offers parkours suitable for all ages (as long as kids can walk) and skill levels

  • Safe and Engaging: Detailed briefing ensured our safety and comfort throughout the day

  • Parental Involvement: Being part of the adventure alongside our child was fantastic. Adult Challenges: Plenty of thrilling courses ensured everyone had something exciting to do

  • Barbecue spot: Bring your own food and enjoy it in the fully-equipped barbecue area


  • Booking in advance is recommended

WhereWagnerenstrasse, 3800 Interlaken

Recommended age: Kids who can walk

Visiting time: 1-4 hours

Food: Picnic area with a barbecue (bring your own food)



JungfrauPark Interlaken: Indoor and outdoor adventure park and family entertainment center.



Fishing might not be for everyone, but as a family outing, it offers peaceful moments in nature, lessons in patience, and a great way to bond by the water!

 A charming spot with a restaurant, playground, and cute animals, plus a fish-filled pond where you can try your hand at fishing or pan for gold in a beautiful setting.

Fun Factors:

  • Fishing: Rent a rod and a basket of worms and cast your line into the well-stocked pond. Remember, any fish you catch must be kept; the staff can cook it for you, or you can grill it at one of the park’s barbecue spots.

  • Playground: Wild west-themed playground, complete with rugged fun of the frontier.

  • Gold Panning: After a brief introduction, try your luck panning for real gold.

  • Cute Bunnies and Chickens: Meet and greet the adorable resident bunnies and chickens, perfect for animal-loving little ones.

  • Nearby Attractions: Llama walks and the thrilling walk across a suspension bridge.


  • Be aware that each fish caught must be humanely dispatched (using a provided tool), kept, and paid for. This policy ensures sustainable fishing practices but may be unsettling for young children, as the fish cannot be released back into the lake.

  • Gold Panning activity is offered at designated times throughout the day, so check the schedule to join in the fun.

  • Restaurant does not offer kids menu (not even fish sticks).

WhereGrabenmühle 21 3655 Sigriswil

  • Visiting: Free

  • Gold panning: per Person CHF 20 | per Family (from 3 Pers.) CHF 45

  • Fishing: Prices per kg: CHF 23 | Fishing rod rental including bait: CHF 5

  • Recommended age: Best for 3-year-olds up | Gold panning best for 5 year-olds up

Visiting time: 1 - 4 hours

Food: Restaurant (no kids menu) & barbecue spot



And there are many more fantastic activities nearby that will keep your family engaged for hours on end without ever needing to leave the valley. Enjoy walking, biking, exploring, and...

Canoeing / SUP (from 3 years old) | River rafting (from 10 years old) | Lama walk Brienz | Chocolate workshops (from 4 years old) | Minigolf (from 3 years old) | Wildlifepark Brienz | Funland Indoor Playpark | and even more!

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