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Top Winter Activities for Families in Flims

Updated: Mar 4

Family fun guide to getting the most out of Flims (a section of the Laax Flims Falera Region) with kids in the winter - with or without skis. Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

Andermatt Family sledging Snow White

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Flims is just one section of the larger Laax Flims Falera area. Stay tuned for a family guide covering the other parts of this beautiful region.

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

We love uncovering places rich in lore and stories, especially when they come with their own characters! Our little adventurer is always excited to join in planning our trips and meet her "friends" from different parts of the globe.

In Flims Laax Falera, we stumbled upon a charming cast of characters. From Ami Sabi, the mountain magician, to Schmbrina the tree, Crapun the rock, Camutscha the chamois, Tinflaida the girl, and Tschipulin the bird, there's a whole crew of friends to meet and adventures to be had.

To truly immerse ourselves in their world, we grabbed a book from the tourist center (you can also buy it online) and downloaded an app (available in apple store) filled with fun games. While it's currently only available in German, a little help from Google Translator easily transported us into the magical realm of Ami Sabi and his friends. Now, whenever we plan a trip to Laax Flims Falera, our little one isn't just asking about the destination, but eagerly inquiring about when she can see Ami Sabi and Camutscha again.



Skiing, sledging, and snow fun

1. Learn to ski with Ami Saabi and his crew

Right next to Flims base gondola station, is Ami Sabi Snow Kinderland Flims, with three children's learning areas, each equipped with a magic carpet. The first one, hosted by the tree Schmbrina, is perfect for beginners who are just starting to learn how to ski. Here, the goal is to master stopping by making a plow with your skis, mimicking the shape of the tree's top.

Once you've got stopping down, you can move on to the next level with the chamois Camutscha. Here, the focus is on learning to turn smoothly and swiftly, just like this agile chamois as she jumps from left to right chasing her kids.

And when you're ready to take your skills to the next level, head over to The rock – Crapun. Known for his strength and skill, he'll help you fine-tune your skiing abilities and become as confident and capable as he is on the slopes.

At the start of each lesson, every child receives a little pouch to carry with them. Once the lesson wraps up, they're rewarded with a trophy for successfully completing it that they can store in their pouch. During our time in the Camutscha class, we received a charming fur pelt from the chamois. Our four-year-old beamed with pride!

There's also a lovely fenced area where parents aren't allowed. Here, kids can relax on pillows, enjoy a drink and a cookie, and take a break after their class. They even get to sing songs together. On certain days, Ami Sabi himself joins the children and shares stories. Sadly, we missed him this time, but we're eagerly looking forward to meeting him in the future!

Explore the Snow kindergarten (classes for kids below 4 years old), Snow wonderland (classes for kids above 4 years old) and courses for more advanced skiers.

Advanced skiers can seize the opportunity to explore 214 km of slopes and 5 snowparks, with 70% of them located over 2,000 meters above sea level.

2. Go sledding in the winter wonderland

There are two sledging runs to enjoy. The Foppa - Flims 3 km medium difficulty run is accessible via a chair lift. However, it's usually closed when there's not much snow, which was the case during our visit. The Nagens - Scansinas 1.5 km easy run sits higher at 2127 meters and is more likely to be open. Getting there requires taking two gondolas (Flims - Plaun and Plaun - Nagens), but the breathtaking views and the magical winter scenery make the journey worthwhile!

We decided to embark on the  Nagens - Scansinas sledding adventure, and it was a blast! The slope felt safe, with mostly gentle inclines and a few slightly steeper sections. We even took our four-year-old along on the sled, and it was incredibly fun. Just remember to bring your helmets with - safety first!

You can either bring your own sleds or rent one for 12 CHF at the Scansinas station. Just a heads up, the Scansinas station is a middle stop on a gondola route, so if you're using rented sledges, you'll need to hop off to grab them.

Make sure to try night sledding for an extra thrill! Check the website for times and availability.

3. Swing along into infinity

About two-thirds through the Nagens - Scansinas sled run, there's a fantastic infinity swing. Our four-year-old spotted it from a distance, and we just had to stop! It's perfect for two people and can be a lovely bonding experience. Plus, the views are simply breathtaking.

Right across from the swing, there's a small restaurant where you can grab a snack or a drink if you feel like it. It's a convenient spot to take a break and recharge before continuing your adventure.



Our recent visit to Kids Freestyle Academy Flims was a refreshing change from the typical indoor playrooms we've explored. While not large in size, it offers a variety of engaging activities for kids.

The Freestyle Academy is divided into two sections. The first offers paid access for a limited time and features thrilling adventures. Adjacent to a cafe, the second section is freely accessible and includes a play corner.

Thrills with paid access:

4. Embark on thrills with wheels

First highlight is the ramp where children can test their skills on push bikes, scooters, or skateboards. For younger ones, there are adorable bobby cars and toddler-friendly animals on wheels to ride around. Our 4-year-old couldn't get enough of it!

Just a tip: younger kids will require parental assistance, so if your child is just a beginner biker, be prepared for a mini workout running after them and helping them out. Don't forget to bring anti-slippery socks for you and your kids (or buy them on site) - they were a lifesaver for us!

Our favourite was the provision of helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads in different sizes. It's a relief knowing our little daredevil is well-protected during her adventures, and it certainly added to our peace of mind.

5. Jump and conquer heights

After about an hour of riding back and forth, our 4-year-old was eager to move on to the second part of the Freestyle Academy - trampolines, slides, and giant pillows.

Here, kids can conquer their fear of heights and enjoy jumping down from ramps onto giant pillows. It's absolute madness, but in the best possible way!

Fun with free access:

6. Cool down

We really appreciated the play section, where kids can cool down and unwind after the thrills. Just next to the food area, this free-access zone features a padded section for younger kids to play safely, a small climbing area, and shelves with books and toys. We found it great for kids to be able to calm down after the excitement and be less hyper when going home. We also learned from the locals that this play area is where many friendships start, as adults enjoy relaxing over coffee while their kids make friends.

Plus, each child receives a "good bye" sticker, adding a delightful touch to the experience!

The food factor

With over 40 restaurants in Flims alone, and even more in the surrounding areas of Laax and Falera, there's no shortage of culinary delights to explore.

During our visit, we tried flammkuchen at the Kids Freestyle Academy, and they were delicious. My personal favorite was the vegan option, full of veggies. But there were also excellent choices for those who enjoy comfort food. If you're seeking a simple meal with a play area for the kids, we highly recommend it.

Let us know what your favorite food spot in Flims is!

The value factor

Family Andermatt Ski Class Kids

  • 1/2 Day

    • Kids 6-12: 11 CHF

    • Youths (13-18): 15 CHF

    • Adults: 33 CFH

  • Full day

    • Kids 6-12: 15 CHF

    • Youths (13-18): 30 CHF

    • Adults: 44 CFH

Kids below 6 years old: Free

  • 1 hr. entry: 14 CHF

  • 2 hrs. entry: 22 CHF

  • 3 hrs. entry: 29 CHF

Tip: Anti-slip socks are mandatory for both kids and parents. If you don't have any, you can purchase a pair for 6.50 CHF

Winter Family Wonderland of Flims- Practical Info

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