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Holiday Hack: Glamping @ Camping Lazy Rancho

Updated: May 14

Glamping at a beautiful campsite with wooden igloos for rent. Interlaken | Canton Bern | Switzerland.

The "it" factor

Munggeweg Amden hike Amdo Mugg Groundhog

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • The bathrooms and kitchen are separate from the igloos (igloo deluxe comes with sink and toilet).

  • During the high season, there is a minimum stay of three nights required

  • While there is no restaurant on site, there are plenty of dining options nearby

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The fun factor

We love nature, but we also cherish comfort and aren't quite ready to bid farewell to modern conveniences. That's why glamping is one of our favorite holiday hacks! Imagine camping with a glamorous twist, loads of fun, and wallet-friendly vibes.

You have different options: the purest being a campsite with pre-set tents, comfy mattresses, electricity, and nearby facilities. Alternatively, you can opt for more luxurious versions with wooden huts, some even featuring private toilets.

We recently had a fantastic glamping experience at Camping Lazy Rancho and absolutely loved it! You have the option to camp and bring your own tent or motorhome, or, like we did, glamp in one of their wooden igloos or a bungalow for the luxurious touch.

What stood out during our stay was the incredible hospitality of the people running the site. They were exceptionally friendly, welcoming, and relaxed, ensuring we felt comfortable and happy throughout our visit.

Here are our top 5 Fun Factors of glamping @ Lazy Rancho

1. Stay in a cute wooden igloo

When we arrived, our 4-year-old was super excited to sleep in her 'purple house,' as she called our Igloo, and we were equally thrilled! Each Igloo is not only very cute but also comes with its own terrace, complete with a table, offering a wonderful view of the mountains.

These wooden igloos offer a luxurious version of glamping, complete with your own bed, fridge, and electricity. They come in 4 different sizes: Wooden Igloo and Igloo Deluxe for up to 4 people, Igloo XL for up to 5 people, and Love Igloo, which is aimed at couples but can also be great for a single parent with a child.

We opted for Igloo Deluxe, suitable for up to 4 people, which also comes with its own toilet, kitchen sink, and a coffee machine. Remember to bring your own towels and a sleeping bag. The latter can be rented at an extra charge.

If you're not keen on giving up your personal kitchen and shower, consider renting one of the bungalows. These accommodations can house up to five people and offer a cozy chalet atmosphere. However, labeling them as "glamping" might be a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, they remain an excellent choice for those seeking a nature retreat without compromising on modern comforts.

There is also a family room available in the common space.

2. Embrace the laziness

At Lazy Rancho, the vibe is all about relaxing and making the most of every moment. As the name suggests, you're meant to be lazy here. We enjoyed hanging out at the campsite, watching our kid play and just taking in the view. Just keep in mind that cars may pass by occasionally.

The campsite has a charming layout with various houses around, making it enjoyable to wander through. A tip: bring your kids' bikes for added fun and exploration!

3. Elevate the playground fun with the stunning views

The playground offers a truly spectacular view. While the kids have a blast on the slides, swings, and playhouses, you can simply unwind and take in the breathtaking scenery. Additionally, there's a table tennis table available if you're in the mood for a game.

Here, you'll also discover a picnic area complete with tables, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a snack amidst the natural beauty of the surroundings.

4. Take a dip in the water

When we visited Lazy Rancho in April, the chilly weather kept us out of the pool, but I imagine it's a fantastic spot for the kids to splash around when it warms up.

For us adults, the jacuzzi and sauna promise a relaxing escape—just need to make sure someone's on hand to watch the little ones!

5. Set off on new adventures

Once you've had your fill of relaxation at Lazy Rancho, there's a wealth of activities to explore in the area! Theme hikes, adventure parks, waterfalls, caves, and gorges all await.

Don't forget to pick up a camping card at the reception. This card grants you access to numerous discounts for family activities, caves, and gorges in the area.

During our April visit, the mountain peaks were still snow-capped, so we focused on valley adventures, which were abundant. Our top spring recommendations include exploring St. Beatus Caves, visiting the Ballenberg Open Air Museum, enjoying the Rope Park, fishing at Grabenmuehle, and going on a treasure hunt in Bönigen (Interlaken).

Stay tuned for more summer adventures up in the mountains, as we'll definitely be back to explore them!

The food factor

Option 1: DYI

For us, the true charm of camping lies in starting our days with a delightful breakfast right at our doorstep. And here you can do just that. At reception, you can order bread or rolls for the next morning—there's a wide variety to choose from. While you'll need to bring your own main food supplies, there's also a small shop on-site in case you run out of any basics.

And of course, if you fancy some good grilling, there's also a barbecue available for use.

The common kitchen is well-equipped with plates and cutlery, providing everything you need.

Option 2: Delegate!

If you prefer dining out, the Hotel Salzano is just about 500 meters away. For a slightly longer walk, the restaurant Neuhaus is about 15 minutes on foot. There are many restaurants in Interlaken (just 3 km away) and several take-away options available—just ask at the reception for recommendations.

The value factor

2024 season prices were as follows:

  • Igloo: From 65 CHF per night (low season) to 75 CHF per night (high season)

  • Love Igloo | Igloo Deluxe | Igloo XL: from 90 CHF per night (low season) to 105 CHF per night (high season)

  • Price per person: 4 - 10 CHF per night

  • Extra charge: Sleeping bags | dogs

Camping Lazy Rancho - practical info


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