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Family Hotel: Albergo Losone

Updated: Jun 19

Premium hotel with fantastic amenities for kids and a tropical feel. Locarno (Ticino, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

Albergo Losone pool

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • There is a kids pool but no pool amenities for kids (slides, fountains etc)

  • Booking & more info

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The fun factor

Albergo Losone, a gem within the Swiss Family Hotels network, is one of our favorite hotels in Switzerland. These hotels feature family-friendly features, including indoor playrooms, kids' daycare, special menus for children, outdoor playgrounds, dedicated kids' programs, sports facilities, and wellness options for parents.

From the moment you arrive at Albergo Losone, it feels like you've stepped onto a tropical island, offering endless fun for kids and luxurious comfort for adults.

Here are our top xx fun factors of Albergo Losone:

As soon as you enter the Albergo Losone hotel, you're greeted by a world of elegant interior design combined with fun vintage elements—carnival exhibits, bikes, rocking horses, a 'weather machine,' and more. In many kids' hotels, everything screams "kids," which can often be overwhelming and overstimulating. However, Albergo Losone strikes a perfect balance. We truly appreciated the blend of tasteful luxury for parents and the engaging, playful environment for kids.

2. Hit the indoor fun - including supervised care

The Albergo Losone indoor playroom is divided into three sections. The first one is supervised and equipped with playhouses, arts and crafts, and more, allowing you to leave your kids in good hands while you relax and enjoy me / us time.

The second section offers a variety of books, games, and a climbing area. It also features a comfortable couch where you can sit back while the kids play.

Our toddler's favorite was the third section: a fun corridor adorned with lights and trees, where kids can ride toy horses and bobby cars. One of the horses is even large enough for adults, making it a blast for us to race each other!

We were happily surprised to find yet another playroom, just next to the playground, featuring a giant trampoline (which our toddler jumped on instantly), a teepee, and various games. It's conveniently located next to a small dining area and seems like the perfect spot to organize small birthday or pajama parties.

3. Explore the playground and hop on a train.

The outdoor playground is very cute, featuring all the classics like swings and slides, but it also has a cool old train and other vehicles, such as trikes, for kids to climb on and explore.

We arrived early in the morning when the grass sprinklers were on, adding an extra element of fun as we tried (unsuccessfully) to dodge the sprinklers!

4. Experience Tropical Bliss by the pool

When we entered the Albergo Losone pool area, it felt like stepping into a tropical paradise. The palm trees, charming hut with a pointy top, blue pool water, and fantastic Ticino weather magically transported us to the Caribbean. The water was cool and refreshing, perfect for a warm day. It is heated in spring and autumn.

There is also a smaller, shallow pool for kids with warmer water, which our toddler enjoyed very much. We only wished for at least one small water slide or fountain to add an extra fun factor for the little ones.

5. Say hello to the hippo

To make the Albergo Losone kids' adventure even more magical, a cute blue hippo visits during every meal time (and sometimes in-between) to greet the kids and parents.

Our toddler was mesmerized each time. She would eagerly rush to breakfast or dinner, hoping to see the hippo again.

6. Embark on organized adventures

Every day, a variety of activities are organized for kids—some supervised, some not. Our toddler loved the pony rides and feeding the goats in their small petting zoo. There are also parties, picnic trips, circus performances, and more. For the latest schedule, it's best to check with the hotel.

7. Explore the hotel grounds

For sports fans, there is also a beach volleyball field, peddling go-karts, tennis court and golf course. You can also grab one of the Albergo Losone bikes (there are small bikes for kids, chariots and bikes with kids seats) and go on an adventure to explore the area, which we would love to do next time.

The views factor

The Albergo Losone hotel is surrounded by beautiful nature - green mountains, beautiful flowers, palm trees, well maintained grass and more. We particularly appreciated the view from our room on a golf course. It was very relaxing (even for our toddler!) just to sit on a bench-swing and observe nature.

The comfort factor

There are many different types of rooms available. We stayed in one of their standard rooms, which was normal but very nice. There are also special "suites" available with your own "playroom" included (kids houses and more) - but we did not manage to see them (perhaps next time!).

The food factor

Breakfast selection is very good, with all the options you would expect from a premium hotel. What made it a bit more special was a breakfast buffet stand for kids with crackers, rolls, cereals and jams. Our 3.5 year-old loves hotel buffet breakfast and often insists on picking and serving her own food. She can never reach it though and finds it quite frustrating. At Albergo Losone both, breakfast and dinner buffets for kids are at a height that allows them to serve themselves, which we appreciated very much.

There are inside and outside shaded eating areas just by the pool, so if the weather is nice, you can enjoy a meal with a view.

The value factor

Albergo Losone is a premium hotel and you pay a premium price. But if you compare it vs. trip to carribeans - it doesnt look too bad. :)

In 2024, rooms for 2 people were starting from 350 CHF / night and going up to 850 CHF per night. This includes breakfast for all and dinner buffet for kids (adults pay extra).

There is a special "3 generations" discount, where the age difference between the youngest and oldest member of the family is subtracted from the daily price - love it! If you come with the grandparents, make sure you actively ask for it as it is not automatically applied.

The adventure factor

If you feel like exploring the area, there is plenty to do with the family in Locarno. During nice weather you can visit the town and enjoy nearby lake Maggiore or go to the Lido pool complex. If you feel more like a fun adventure, we can especially recommend taking the gondola up to Cardada and doing the fun Squitty the Squirrel hike with a treasure hunt. If you want to drive a bit further, you can consider one of the two hikes for kids with marble runs along the river in Verzasca valley.

For the slightly older climbers, there is also an adventure park nearby.

Albergo Losone - practical info

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