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Glamping in Switzerland: Alp Safari

Updated: Feb 26

Glamping (which is a combination of "glamorous" and "camping", and describes a style of camping with comfort and amenities) at 1000 meters in the Alps, with fantastic views and a large pool. (Nax, Valais, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

Glamping in Switzerland Alp Safari Le Vendredi

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

Alp Safari Glamping in Switzerland impression video

The fun factor

The Glamping in Switzerland at Alp Safari highlight is... the camping itself. You stay in a luxurious tent 1000 meters above sea level, surrounded by nature and beautiful views. Our now almost 4 year-old loved to be able to run around and explore the campsite and we appreciated being able to chill by the tent and enjoy the view. Tip: bring a blanket and some toys! Our neighbors also had kids and they brought it with them so they could improvise a nice play area. The kids played together while we were enjoying our drinks and barbecue sausages.

The Alp Safari playground is small but very nice, with all the standards (plus giant chess). It was on our way to the restaurant so every time we were going for breakfast, we had to allow for an additional 30 minutes for some playground fun and a small chess game "toddler style" (ie white pieces only go on white fields and black pieces only on black fields...). It is just next to the restaurant so if your kids are a bit older, you can chill on the terrace and watch them play.

The Alp Safari pool is quite cold but acceptable. We were there on a hot sunny day so it offered a fantastic refreshment. The view of the mountains and valley from the pool is absolutely amazing. Even our toddler enjoyed the hammock chill by the pool.

The adventure factor

As Nax is not a well known holiday destination, one of the great things about Glamping in Switzerland at Alp Safari is that the area is not overly touristy. We absolutely loved it! Yet, within 20 minutes of driving, there are plenty of things to do with kids. We chose to visit St Léonard, the biggest underground lake in Europe, ride a pony and feed rabbits at the "Little Happiness" farm, hit the Happyland (small amusement park) and go for a walk to the Nax village (just be prepared, it is a 20 min climb on a hiking trail - no stroller) to grab a drink and an ice cream in one of the restaurants.

There is also a sports centre nearby with archery, footgolf, golf and tennis (booking required), via ferrata as well as many other activities.

The views factor

Alp Safari Glamping views are just wow. During the day you see the towns and mountains, the sunset is spectacular and, if the weather is nice, at night the stars are just beautiful.

The comfort factor

You can either bring and stay in your own tent or caravan or, to get the full glamping experience, rent one of the Alp Safari accommodations. These are tents build on an elevated wooden platforms with comfortable beds, electricity and some - small fridges, oven stoves, dishes, barbecue and a terrace with tables and chairs. There are different sizes, depending on how big your family is. We have stayed in Le Vendredi, which had one double bed and one single bunk bed. If you are more people or would like a bit more space, La Crusoe can accommodate up to 6 people. If you need just space for 2, Le Cocoon or Le Baroudeur could work.

The beds were very comfortable and we felt very cozy in our tent. Bedding doesn't come as a standard - we rented it extra and this made our experience a little bit more luxurious. If you want more of a camping feel - you can bring your sleeping bags.

You are Glamping in Switzerland. It is, however, a tent and you are camping. It might get quite cold at night (we were there in August during hot days and slept in winter pyjamas), you hear everything outside (our toddler woke up at 7 am and we were stressed for her not to wake up our neighbors, or the entire valley...), there is not much space inside and there is no running water, private bathroom nor toilet. You have to use the public ones, which are up to 5 mins walk away (depending where your tent is). That Alp Safari part is not quite "glamping" level and is more akin to traditional camping. The showers and toilets are small, basic and slightly run down. They are gender mixed (although the shower cabins are individual and with good water pressure). As we came aware and accepted all the above, we thoroughly enjoyed this experience and will do it again.

The food factor

You can order breakfast either to have at the restaurant or to take it to your tent. It is continental (baguettes - you can ask for wholegrain if you want, croissants, pain au chocolat), seasonal fruits (we got apricots), butter, jams and hot beverages. It is basic but the bread is very fresh and delicious. We had ours at the restaurant terrace overseeing the pool and the mountains, which felt fantastic.

The restaurant offers drinks and crepes all day as well as local plates, salads and chicken nuggets with chips. There is no pasta so in case your kid is obsessed with pasta like ours, remember to bring your own...

The value factor

Depending on the period, Glamping tents can be rented only from 2 -3 nights. In 2023, the price per night ranged from 115.20 for the smallest to 255 for the biggest ones (excluding breakfast and bedding). If you prefer to stay in your own van or tent, you will pay 54.90 per night. If you are planning Glamping in Switzerland in Alp Safari, check the latest prices on their website.

Alp Safari Glamping - practical info

  • Address: Le Zitiouc 5, 1973 Nax

  • Tip: Bring warm pyjamas and extra blankets (just in case)

  • Tip: Bring barbecue food with you (just check if your selected tent has access to a barbecue)

  • Tip: Glamping in Switzerland at Alp Safari bathrooms are shared. Bring a bag with you to carry your clothes and toiletries to the shower and hang them in a way they won't get wet when showering

  • More info


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