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Attraction: Saint-Léonard underground lake

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Boat trip on the largest underground lake in Europe. Saint-Léonard (Valais, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

Saint-Léonard underground lake

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • The trip is short (30 minutes) - which can be good if you are going with young kids

Saint-Léonard underground lake impression video

The fun factor

The Saint-Léonard underground lake adventure starts with walking down into a cave and getting on a punt boat. Our almost 4 year-old was a little bit afraid at first but once she worked up her courage, she was really excited.

You visit the Saint-Léonard underground lake on a punt boat operated by a tour guide, with up to approx. 20 other passengers. The lake is beautifully lit and you get a feel of getting into a magical underground world. The water is very clean and you see everything very clearly. As we slowly advanced to the far end of the lake, we spotted very big fishes and admired an old sunken boat.

The tour guide gives you a history of the lake in quite an engaging way (in English, German and French) and highlights with a flashlight the most important elements.

There is a small interactive museum with the history and geology of the lake. It is meant for older kids but can also be engaging for smaller ones. As usual, our toddler was excited to check every moving part and handle.

We appreciated the Saint-Léonard underground lake outside area with its garden and mini slide, where kids can run around while you enjoy your coffee and a snack.

If you feel like bringing a souvenir, you can visit their shop with many different gemstones, toys, hats, water bottles, mugs, magnets, books and more.

Because the acoustics are quite amazing inside the cave, they occasionally organise concerts and performances that take place on boats on the underground lake - check here for the latest events.

The food factor

There is a Saint-Léonard underground lake small restaurant by the shop with snacks, smoothies and other drinks. They served our food very fast. We had arrived a bit early (which hardly ever happens!) so we managed to indulge in some delicious Nutella crepes before the start of the boat ride.

The value factor

In 2023 the price per adult was 12.00 CHF and 7.00 CHF per child (5-15 years old). The boat ride lasts 30 minutes and the museum visit can take between 5 and 15 minutes plus time spent at the restaurant and the shop

Saint-Léonard underground lake - practical info

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