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Exploring the St. Beatus Caves and Waterfall: A Family Guide

Updated: May 20

Stunning waterfall, 1 km of cave passages to explore, playground and a museum. Near Interlaken (Canton Bern, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

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What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • No strollers allowed in caves.

  • Approx. 10-min uphill walk to caves.

  • The temperature in the caves is 8-10°C

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

Explore one kilometer of Switzerland's one of the largest accessible cave systems, where you and your little ones can play adventurous explorers. Enjoy stunning views of Lake Thun and the cascading waterfall. Let imaginations run wild as you tame dragons, conquer playground forts, and find hidden treasures. After all the fun, relax at the cozy restaurant or scenic picnic spot.

Here are our top 4 Fun Factors of St. Beatus Caves (Höhlen)

1. Discover the Enchanting St. Beatus Caves Waterfall

When you arrive at St Beatus Caves, you're welcomed by an amazing view of the waterfall. The water originates from the caves themselves, adding to the mystical atmosphere of the place. The flow and appearance of the St. Beatus Caves waterfall can change throughout the year. Spring and early summer, when snowmelt is at its peak, often showcase the waterfall at its fullest and most impressive.

This part is free to explore.

2. Explore the Mystical St. Beatus Cave

The St. Beatus Caves got their name from Saint Beatus, who lived there in the 6th century and, according to legend, fought a dragon. There are stories of hidden treasures and secret passages, making it a thrilling place to explore with kids! The total length of the caves is a whopping 14 km, out of which 1 km is open for the public to explore. The hour-long tour lets you discover various cave formations and follow along with the waterfall. It's like stepping into a real-life adventure story. For this part you need a ticket.

Just a heads up, it's quite chilly inside at around 8-10 degrees Celsius, so don't forget your jumper!

3. Tame the dragon at the playground

Just before the entrance to the caves, you'll find a cute little playground where kids can encounter the mythical dragon that, according to the legends, Saint Beatus fought. This friendly creature invites children to climb on and slide down, adding an extra dose of excitement to the adventure. There's also a fort waiting to be explored. Our 4-year-old was a bit hesitant at first to befriend this lovely dragon, but she quickly overcame her fears and happily played with her new friend. Access to the St Beatus playground is free.

Here, you'll also discover a picnic area complete with tables, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a snack amidst the natural beauty of the surroundings.

4. Hit the cave museum

Right next to the entrance, you'll find the interactive Cave Museum (ticket required), where you can delve into the fascinating world of the caves. Learn about the geology, its formation, prehistoric findings, and more—all presented in a simple way. Plus, there's an audio guide available in English, French, and German.

The food factor

Indulge in scenic picnics with a view

Right by the playground, you'll find two barbecue tables. They're both shaded and offer a beautiful view overlooking the lake. It's a perfect spot for a relaxing outdoor meal while enjoying the scenery.

5. Enjoy Dining at the Cave Restaurant Stein & Sein

If dining in is more your style, right next to the cave entrance is the Stein & Sein restaurant, offering two options. You can opt for a seated meal in the restaurant, enjoying your food on a beautiful terrace with a scenic view. Alternatively, there's a self-order bar where you can grab a quick bite. They also have tempting Sunday brunch options, although we didn't get to try them. A tip: if you want to secure a table at the seated restaurant, book in advance. Even on non-holidays, we found it fully booked for lunch during our visit.

The fitness factor

Getting to the caves involves a roughly 10-minute uphill walk. The path isn't too steep and is manageable even with younger kids. It's also stroller-friendly.

The cave tour covers about 1 kilometer and lasts around 60 minutes. While most of the path is flat, there are occasional stairs, so it's not suitable for strollers. We managed it with a 4-year-old, but it's doable with even younger children who are comfortable walking or can be carried in a front carrier.

Be mindful that carrying kids in a backpack might be challenging in some passages due to low ceilings.

The value factor

Visiting the playground is free of charge.

Access to caves & the museum

(2024 prices):

  • Adults: 19.00 CHF

  • Children (6-16 years old): 11.00 CHF

  • Children under 6 year olds: Free

  • Family ticket (2 adults + kids): 49 CHF

Discounts available with the camping card, Interlaken pass, combined SBB ticket deal and combined boat deal.

St Beatus Caves - practical info


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