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Winter Wonderland of Stoos: A Family Adventures Guide

Updated: Feb 14

Family fun guide to getting the most out of Stoos and Fronalpstock - with or without skis. Stoos, Schwyz, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

Stoos family winter walk hike with sledges

What makes Stoos special for family outing:

What needs to be considered:

  • Parking fills up during peak season. You might need to park further or wait for a spot if you arrive late

Don't feel like reading? Watch a Stoos video instead!

The fun factor

Stoos, one of our go-to winter retreats, charms us with its car-free appeal and the world's steepest funicular, at an incredible 110% (47.7-degree) incline. Nestled at 1'300 meters, it's a snowy haven and a safe bet for winter magic. Hosted by Stoos mascot Fröneli, a playful young dwarf goat, the area offers a wide range of activities for kids and family-friendly restaurants.

Whether you choose to stay in Stoos village or to embark on a grand sledding adventure – an escapade we completed with our 4 year-old – we've got you covered and will share with you our 8 favourite treasures of this Winter Wonderland.

Here are our Top 8 Stoos Activities with a Fun Factor:


OPTION 1: Stoos Village

1. Ski into Fröneli's Winter Wonderland

Fröneli's Winter Wonderland in Stoos has become one of our family favorites, especially its ski area tailored for the little ones. A short walk away from the funicular are two magic carpets (free of charge), with gentle slopes on either side – perfect for tiny adventurers. Plus, a drag lift makes getting to the ski area a fun, effortless ride for everyone on skis.

We like their weekend ski classes for the youngest (3-4 years old) at a reasonable 32 CHF for 1.5 hours (in 2024) – a great way to introduce kids to skiing. Older kids have weekday class options (55 CHF for a 4-hour session) or weekend private lessons, with discounts for multiple bookings. Here is more info.

A quick tip: The shared area with sledding requires a bit of caution while skiing. Enjoy the slopes safely!

2. Embark on a Stoos Family Sledding

Also at Fröneli's Winter Wonderland in Stoos, just a few steps away from the funicular, you can enjoy a great sledding experience on one of two slopes using the magic carpet (free of charge). Perfect for kids around 4-5 years old to ride alone, or for younger ones to join parents. Our 4 year-old had a blast on her sled, giggling up and down the hill. While it can get a bit crowded, especially on a sunny Sunday, navigating the slopes is easy.

For a calmer adventure with younger kids, you can explore mini-hills around Stoos. Pulling sleds up and down yourself offers gentler slopes with fewer people around, creating an ideal setting for a relaxed outing.

3. Bounce, bounce, bounce in the Stoos Bounce Circus!

Right between Fröneli's Winter Wonderland and the Funicular station lies Switzerland's largest indoor bouncy castleStoos Bounce Circus. You pay 6 - 8 CHF for a 25-minute entrance, depending on how many rounds you want to buy (we did 3 rounds) and then bounce away! I ventured in with our 4 year-old, and we had a fantastic time with the ball pit, slides, climbing walls, giant flowers, volcano, and more. If you prefer to take a break while your kids keep bouncing, there's a cozy room with a view of the castle where you can enjoy a drink or snack (there is a kiosk on-site).

It's open from 1 pm till 5 pm until March 3rd, 2024 (only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from January 8th to February 9th, 2024). Children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult (with payment). From age 4, they can bounce solo. Here's more info.

4. Slide into Indoor Fun at the Stoos Hotel's Playroom

Right beside the Stoos Funicular station, you'll find Stoos Lodge Hotel – an excellent choice for an extended stay with a wide selection of family rooms. Our friends stayed there for the weekend and liked it a great deal.

I really appreciated that even if you're not staying at the hotel, like us, you can access their facilities for kids (at an extra cost). After a day of snow fun, our 4 year-old enjoyed the opportunity to take off her ski clothes and explore the impressive indoor playroom. Featuring an 8-meter slide, ball pits, and a trampoline – it was a hit! The interactive climbing wall projecting different games on the wall caught my attention, providing great motivation for kids to climb and reach various goals. This feature is something I have not seen in many other indoor playrooms.

And there's more – kids' day care! Whether you're eager to hit the slopes by yourself or just crave a moment of peace, the hotel provides day care services. While we were on a mission to explore the area and didn't utilize it ourselves, we have friends who did, and both parents and kids were very happy with the experience. For more information, check here.

5. Go on a sled-hike

As big fans of summertime hikes filled with kids' activities, like the Fronalp Trail in Stoos, we find ourselves longing for those magical moments during the winter months. However, to keep the spirit of mountain walks alive for our 4 year-old, we've discovered a great winter alternative.

Our secret recipe is simple – it involves shorter walks, where abundant snow becomes the canvas for playful moments, such as chasing us with snowballs and crafting snowy wonders, along with some sledding (if it is safe to do so). Onboard this fun vehicle, our little one can also take a seat and enjoy the ride when her legs get tired. Stoos - Frontal (1.4 km, 16 meters ascent/descent) hike is perfect for this: nestled around Stoos village, it is short, simple, and beautiful, and can be done with a sled.

There is also a horse sleigh ride that we haven't managed to try out yet, due to the weather conditions - something to come back and experience!


OPTION 2: Fronalpstock Peak Adventure

6. Embark on an Adventure Sledding

For an extra thrill in sledging, take on the 2 km Fronalpstock sledge run. Ride the two additional chair lifts from Stoos to the top (extra ticket required), and slide down to the middle station. While mostly easy, a few steep sections offer a moderate difficulty level. Ideal for older kids to ride solo; one of us shared a sled with our 4 year-old, (alone would be too difficult and dangerous). We all had a blast, and although fantastic for families, the steeper sections might be a bit frightening, making it more suited for the adventurous.

For the daring thrill-seekers, there's an airboard run from Fronalpstock top to the middle station. But that's a family adventure for a few more years down the road.

You can take your own sleds on the chairlift or rent sleds and airboards at the middle station. Helmets are available for rent to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

7. Explore the peak

If you're seeking breathtaking views, the Stoos - Fronalpstock panorama trail steals the show. While it requires two chairlift rides, the awe-inspiring scenery and snow-laden path make it a must-try. As some segments are narrow, we recommend leaving the sleds behind for this adventure.

8. Hit the slopes

Experienced riders can maximize their thrill on three chairlifts and three pull lifts, conquering the expansive 35 km of pistes, including 4 medium and 2 difficult slopes. While our 4 year-old his not ready for it, the prospect looks incredibly fun!

The food factor

With approximately 25 restaurants around Stoos and Fronalp, you're sure to find something you like. To help you choose, here are our top 3 choices for a fun family meal

Option 1: Stoos Village Adventure

Alpstubli is located just next to Fröneli's Winter Wonderland, featuring an outdoor terrace overlooking the sledding and skiing area. With a delightful kids' menu and a small indoor playroom, it's perfect for a quick break from the snow. We especially enjoyed their Flamkuchen. Keep in mind that during peak season, the place fills up quickly, and meal waiting times may be longer – if you're in a rush, check with the staff before deciding to eat there.

Stoos Lodge Hotel also boasts a delightful kids' menu. They offer a great pizza selection, and my personal favorite is... the salad bar! Yes, I am a fan :) With kids' day care and an indoor playroom, it provides an excellent escape from the snow.

Option 2: Fronalpstock Peak Adventure

Fronalpstock restaurant is situated next to the chairlift and the beginning of the Maxi Sledge Run. With a traditional buffet reminiscent of mountain restaurants, they offer a kids' menu as well. The restaurant also features a playground, although when covered in snow, it may not be officially open for public use – that didn't stop our 4 year-old from having a bit of fun there though.

The value factor

Kids below 6 years old don't pay.

Stoos Family Winter walk

Stoos Village Adventure

Return ticket: Funicular from Schwyz to Stoos or Gondola from Morschach to Stoos

Access to Family Sledging, Fröneli's Winter Wonderland, Bounce Circus, Stoos Lodge, Stoos - Frontal hike

Adults: 23.20 CHF

Kids 6-15 and SBB half-fare: 11.60 CHF

Stoos Fronalpstock chair lift

Stoos & Fronalpstock Peak Adventure

Stoos Adventure & chairlifts to Fronalpstock

Access to Adventure Sledging and Stoos - Fronalpstock Panorama Trail


Adults: 54 CHF

Kids 6-15: 28 CHF

4 hours

Adults: 47 CHF

Kids 6-15: 25 CHF

Adults: 54 CHF

SBB half-fare: 31 CHF

Kids 6-15: 18 CHF

Winter Wonderland of Stoos - Family Practical Info

Stoos village map Family Winter adventures

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