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Winter Wonderland of Titlis & Trübsee: A Non-Skier's Guide to Family Adventures

Updated: Feb 26

Family fun guide to getting the most out of Titlis and Trübsee without skis or snowboards: More Budget-Friendly, Premium, and Sledging-intensive options. Engelberg, Obwalden, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

Titlis Trübsee Winter Family

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Snowtubes are not always available

  • Gets crowded during holidays

  • Closed during bad weather conditions

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

We love spending time in the mountains, whether we're hitting the slopes or not. Titlis in Engleberg is a gem for a snowy adventure, especially when the valley is lacking snow. While it's not our regular spot due to the cost, it's an incredible choice, not only to impress visitors but also when you feel like embarking on a big snowy adventure with the kids. The revolving gondola takes you up to 3020 meters, where you can stroll on the highest suspension bridge in Europe. Plus, it's a guarantee for good snow, making it perfect for sledding and snow tubing.

Here are our Top 8 Titlis Fun Factors, without skis (and snowboards), grouped into three different options:


OPTION 1: Trübsee | Snow Fun

More budget friendly. Take the gondola from Engelberg to Trubsee. We normally go for this option if we don't have visitors.

1. Go Sledging in Trübsee Snow Park

Just beside the Trübsee gondola station, there is a sledging mini-paradise (free of charge). No need to worry about bringing any gear because they've got everything ready. Snow tubes, balancers, minibobs and even helmets are waiting for you and your little ones (at no extra cost). We had a blast zooming down the mountains, especially with the snow tubes – they're perfect for two, and yes, our adventurous 3 year-old joined in! Once you reach the bottom, a magic carpet brings you back up. They felt secure and steady, providing peace of mind for the parents.

A quick tip: snow tubes might not always be available if the slope is super slippery, but we actually appreciate that for safety. If you want to be sure, give them a call in advance. For slightly older kids, around 5 years and up, the minibobs and balancers are a hit. If there are no snow tubes and you have younger kids we recommend to bring your own 2-people sledge or rent a sledge at the bottom of the gondola station and go down the hill together.

For younger kids, we found a charming smaller hill right next to the tubing section. It's super tiny and safe, making it the perfect "first time going alone" sledding option. Just bring your own sled suitable for your child's age, and you're all set for a delightful sledding adventure!

2. Go for a walk along frozen Trübsee lake

If you're up for enjoying both the breathtaking views and the snowy surroundings, you can also head to the frozen Trübsee. The path is easy, and strolling along a frozen lake adds a delightful adventure to the experience. For an extra fun factor for younger kids, bring a sled and pull them along the lake. In full disclosure, every time we plan to take this walk, we end up getting too engrossed in other snow activities to make it happen!

3. Hit the playground (open weather permitting)

Right by the restaurant, there's a playground, perfect for the little ones. Sip on your Glühwein while your kids have a blast on the slide or the giant tractor. Just a heads up – it might not always be available, depending on the snowfall. When we visited in December, it was fenced off and covered in snow, but by the end of March with less snow, it was open for play.


OPTION 2: Titlis | Master the Peak

More pricey. Take the gondola from Engelberg to Small Titlis. Very impressive for visitors.

4. Take the revolving gondola to 3028 meters above the sea level (Klein Titlis)

Rather than disembarking at Trübsee, continue your gondola journey to Stand. There, you can board a revolving gondola (which in fact is the world's first revolving gondola) that gracefully completes a 360-degree turn, offering truly spectacular views. Our 4-year-old was thrilled to experience it, and we were equally captivated by the breathtaking scenery. Just be mindful – it can get quite crowded during the high season, as it is shared with both skiers and tourists. This gondola transports you to the Klein Titlis (Small Titlis) station at an impressive elevation of 3028 meters above sea level.

5. Explore the Glacier Cave

Upon arriving at Klein Titlis, make your way to the Glacier Cave (entrance is included in the gondola ticket), which is impressive 5000 years old! Illuminated beautifully, everything inside is crafted directly into the glacier's ice, including the floors that had our 4-year-old giggling as she tried to navigate the slippery surface. Don't miss the chance to capture a regal photo on a frozen throne. The circular walk isn't too lengthy – it took us around 25 minutes, factoring in some photo sessions. And a friendly reminder to dress warmly; it can get quite chilly inside.

6. Walk on the highest Suspension Bridge in Europe (Titlis Cliff Walk)

The next adventure is exclusively for those untroubled by heights – a stroll over a cliff on the highest suspension bridge in Europe, perched at 3020 meters (entrance is included in the gondola). From this vantage point, marvel at the breathtaking mountain views, including Mount Titlis - I was really in awe. The bridge is completely fenced off, ensuring absolute safety. Even our 4-year-old had a blast, playfully jumping around and causing the bridge to sway ever so slightly. The walk ends at a view point before you have to turn around, but be prepared for it to get quite crowded, especially during the peak season. We took on this adventure during the Christmas break, and it was perfectly manageable. For an additional cost (12 CHF for the small version and 19 CHF for the large version), you can also have your photo taken, with the option to have everyone else photoshopped out of the picture.

Just beside the suspension bridge, you'll come across the "Ice Flyer" chair lift, providing another opportunity to enjoy spectacular views, albeit at an additional cost. Given the array of adventures we'd already experienced, we opted to skip this one.

7. Take photos as a local

Additionally, you'll find opportunities to have your photos taken in the selfie universe, where you can pretend to be jumping over the mountain or juggling flags. Another option is to dress up in local clothes and have photos taken against beautiful backgrounds. While we haven't tried it ourselves, it seems like a lovely way to capture a unique souvenir of your visit.

Once you've finished exploring Klein Titlis, you can descend to Trübsee and partake in all the activities outlined in Option 1.


OPTION 3: Gerschnialp | Sledging Adventure

8. Sledge down to Engelberg

If there's snow down in the valley, consider hitting the Gerschnialp to Engelberg 3.5 km downhill sledge run. You can purchase a toboggan pass that covers the toboggan rental, multiple rides from Engelberg to Gerschnialp, a single return ride from Engelberg to Trübsee, and access to the snow park at the Trübsee mid-station. Keep in mind that the starting point for this run is not Trübsee but Gerschnialp. If you want to include the Trübsee Snow park, you'll need to go up to Trübsee first, then down to Engelberg, and finally up to Gerschnialp to enjoy the long sledging run. Although we haven't tried it due to insufficient snow, our friends rave about the experience, especially with kids.

The food factor

OPTION 1: Trübsee

You can grab a bite at the self-service spot for familiar food like pasta, sausages, and nuggets, or opt for something healthier like my favorite, the salmon poke bowl. Just a heads up, the food choices may be limited after lunchtime. Indoor playroom belongs to this restaurant

For a more distinctive dining experience, there's an Italian sit-down restaurant Lago Torbido with a broader range of options. We've yet to dine there—share your thoughts if you give it a try!

OPTION 2: Titlis

If you fancy treating yourself to a meal above 3000 meters, consider Panorama Restaurant Titlis. With both served and self-service options, you can tailor your dining experience. We really appreciated the indoor picnic area in the same building, ideal if you prefer bringing your own food to enjoy with a stunning view.

You can find more restaurant options here.

The value factor

Ravensburger Spieleland

OPTION 1: Trübsee

Adults: 36 CHF

Kids 6-15 and SBB half-fare: 18 CHF

Kids below 6 years old: Free

OPTION 2: Titlis

Adults: 96 CHF

Kids 6-15 and SBB half-fare: 48 CHF

Kids below 6 years old: Free

OPTION 3: Gerschnialp

Day sledging pass (vary by date)

Winter Wonderland of Titlis - Practical Info

  • Tip: Check if the lifts are operating before your visit - they can be closed in case of bad weather conditions

  • By car: Park at the Titlis Talstation gondola parking

  • By public tansport: Take the train to Engelberg and walk 10 minutes. More Public transport options

  • OPTION 1 (Trübsee): Take the TITLIS Xpress gondola and take off on the first stop (Trübsee)

  • OPTION 2 (Titlis): Take the TITLIS Xpress gondola and take off on the second stop (Stand). Take the TITLIS ROTAIR to Klein Titlis

  • OPTION 3 (Gerschnialp): For Snow park, follow OPTION 1. For 3.5 km sledhing run, take the funicular to Gerschnialp

  • Opening hours

  • Address: Gerschnistrasse 12, 6390 Engelberg

  • Resort Map

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