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Swimming: Thermal Baths in Papa Moll-Land (Therme Zurzach)

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Indoor and outdoor pools and a spa complex with playgrounds, a playhouse and a climbing wall. Bad Zurzach (Aargau, Switzerland)

The "it" factor


What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • These are Thermal Baths, not a water park - there are no large water slides etc..

  • Phones are not allowed in the entire area (digital detox!)

  • It is premium priced

Therme Zurzach in Papa Moll-Land impressions video

The fun factor

Papa Moll is a character from an iconic Swiss comic strip, about the (mis)adventures of a father and his family in Switzerland. The author, Edith Oppenheim -Jonas, lived in the area and frequently visited Bad Zurzach, where the pools are located. As one of the comics and the movie take place in this area, many attractions are themed around Papa Moll - including the family section of Therme Zurzach.

Therme Zurzach in Papa Moll-Land is divided into indoor and outdoor spaces as well as family and adults only areas. We started our water adventure with a kids splash pool where our toddler had a blast playing around in a shallow pool with the fountains, mini waterfalls, and a small slide, with a cute dog and a Papa Moll statue were watching her carefully. The pool feels generally safe as the floor is not slippery. It is a concrete pool though with a few sharp angles so extra attention from parents is needed, in case kids get too excited.

It is quite warm inside, which we liked very much. Tip - there are not many toys inside, if you want to stay there for longer, you might consider bringing your own.

There is also a small indoor pool which we did not try, as the weather was too nice to stay indoors.

The family outdoor section in the Papa Moll-Land is quite beautiful and surrounded by nature. There is a heated pool with massage jets, a standard swimming pool, a pool built as a loop with strong current, a natural pool and an adults only section.

Our toddler enjoyed the pool with the fast current the most. In the beginning she was a bit afraid of it but after a while she let herself be carried around by the current, giggling away.

We, on the other hand, enjoyed the most the heated pool with massage jets, where we could relax and enjoy the view.

The adults section has a normal swimming pool, saunas, a spa and small hot and cold pools to dip in for a few minutes to improve your circulation.

When you want a bit of a break from all the swimming and sun, the kids can play in the shaded area with sand, stones, small dams and a water pump. Tip: Some kids played barefoot but we found good anti-slippery water shoes to be very useful, as they made the playing safer and more enjoyable (at least for the parents).

Papa Moll-Land also has a small obstacle course, suitable for younger kids (our 3.5 year-old was able to do it with just a little bit of hand holding for some parts). It starts with bridges and polls to climb on and continues with a sensory barefoot path.

For slightly older kids and all the climbing fans, there is another playground with rope bridges and different constructs to climb on, as well as a Papa Moll themed climbing wall, suitable for small hands. The ground is quite soft there in case of kids falling but we were still a bit anxious seeing our 3.5 year-old climbing to the top of the wall without any protection or a mattress on the ground. The staff reassured us, however, it is safe to climb.

When we were done with the swimming (and the climbing), we were happy to discover another restaurant area with a cute playhouse, some toys, building blocks and Papa Moll comic books. We enjoyed our afternoon coffee and snack whilst watching our kid play.

The food factor

We were pleasantly surprised by the food. The kids menu included all the standards (pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets, etc.) but for the adults, in addition to burgers and sausages, you could also order nice salads, fitness plates or asian dishes with lots of vegetables (yes, places that offer healthy food options always score more points with me!). The eating area is also quite nice with a view on the pools and surrounding nature.

The value factor

In 2023, there were different price options available. For the adults, one-day passes varied from 35 to 49 CHF and 2-hour passes from 26 to 31 CHF, depending on the month and day of the week.

The family pass for one adult and up to 3 kids was between 61 and 79 CHF and for 2 adults and up to 3 kids - between 82 and 109 CHF, depending on the month.

If you plan to go often, you can also buy a pre-paid chip armband for 30 CHF with a minimum 200 CHF credit and benefit from 10% discount every time you buy a ticket. Check the Therme Zurzach website for the latest prices.

Practical info

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