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Museum: Ravensburger Games

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Interactive museum with Ravensburger and associated brands products: games, books, puzzles, arts and crafts and building sets. Ravensburg city centre, near Constance (Germany)

Final verdict: Recommended for Ravensburger products fans*

The "it" factor

Ravensburger museum - pinguin

What makes it special:

  • It is very interactive

  • You can try out different Ravensburger products - games, building blocks, arts and crafts

  • You can learn how games are created

What needs to be considered:

  • Most games, books and descriptions are in German only (Only audio-guide available in English)

  • Can get very busy - especially on days off

  • This museum is kids focused - there is not much offering for parents who are not into Ravensburger children games

  • The shop is quite small

Ravensburger Museum impression video

The fun factor

Ravensburger museum is very interactive. Kids can touch, move and play with almost everything, which our 3.5 year-old explorer liked very much. There is even a small slide inside hidden by a dinosaur. This makes it perfect for kids and quite relaxing for parents as you don't need to run after your kids worried they will break anything.

We liked the indoor and outdoor rooms with tables and a selection of Ravensburger games available to play. You can try out your favorites or discover new ones. There are also creative booths with arts and crafts, which was our daughter's favorite. If you like any, you can buy them later at the shop (which is well stocked but rather small).

Little builders can try out their skills with GraviTrax blocks and Brio trains. We stayed at these stations quite long as our 3.5 year couldn't get enough of constructing.

On the second floor, in addition to various interactive walls and activities, there is a section dedicated to books. We particularly enjoyed the "space themed" room, where you get to discover Ravensburger stories.

On the ground and first floors there is also a small display section where you get to see the first game prototypes and learn how the games are created. You can also get an audio-guide (available in several languages, including English) and learn more about the products. It can be very interesting for the Ravensburger fans. Our little one, however, rushed through it and preferred the interactive stations.

The food factor

Ravensburger museum

There are no restaurants in the building. Ravensburger museum, however, is located in the Ravensburg centre with many restaurants and cafes around. The town is very charming and I would recommend combining the visit to the museum with a nice walk.

The value factor

In 2023 the price for adults was 12.00€ and 9.50€ per child (3-12 years old). You can spend there anything between an hour and half a day, depending on how many games you play.

Ravensburger Amusement Park (Spieleland) - practical info

* How does the rating work?

As it is unfair to compare different types of activities, each one is evaluated against similar in its category (e.g. themed hikes are compared against themed hikes). The scoring is completely subjective. Activities scored 4 (recommended) or 5 (highly recommended) are considered as best in class and worth a visit.

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