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Amusement Park in France: Cigoland

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Great value for money with tons of things to do for younger kids. 2 hrs drive from Zurich. For older kids (10+) it could be a bit boring.

Final verdict: Highly recommended for younger kids (5/5)

The it factor: 5/5

With most of the theme parks aimed for older kids, this one stands out as an excellent choice for younger ones. It is not very expensive (we paid 16 CHF per adults, kids below 3 come for free) and very engaging. It lacks healthy food options.

The fun factor: 5/5

Attractions are very varied and most are suitable for younger kids (3-9 year olds): water boats and playgrounds, carousels, animals, mechanical horses, tractors rides, go-cards and more! There is also a mini rollercoaster which can be fun for slightly older kids. After the full day we still didn't have a chance to try it all. Mega fun!

The unique factor: 5/5

The park is themed around White Storks and for years it has been a stork breeding center. In fact, you can find their nests all over the park! It gives the park a very unique feel.

The food factor: 2/5

The food was very fastfood-like with no healthy options. Burgers, flamkuchen, ice cream, hot dogs, lolipops... My only ask for Park Cigoland is to bring some healthier food options.

Practical info

  • 2 hrs from Zurich

  • GPS address: Rte de Sélestat, 67600 Kintzheim, France

  • Stroller friendly

  • Tip: Bring healthy snacks

  • Great to combine with wine tasting weekend in Eguisheim

  • More info here

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