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Hike in Switzerland: Kugelweg Hasliberg (Marble runs)

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Easy hike (3km), mostly downhill (390m) with some steep decends. 12 marble runs along the way. No strollers. 1 hr 40 minutes from Zurich.

The it factor

Kugelweg Hasliberg

What makes it special

What needs to be considered

The fun factor

The Kugelweg Hasliberg hike starts at the top of the gondola Bidmi, next to 2 playgrounds - one by the lake and one next to the gondola station. The playgrounds on their own are worth the trip! Loads of climing areas, trampolines, play huts, slides and other.

At the bottom and top gondola stations of the Kugelweg Hasliberg hike, as well as in the restaurants, you can buy colorful marbles. I recommend to buy minimum 2 per kid, in case you lose some on the way.

Every few hundred meters you find a station with a marble run. Kids (and adults!) can run marbles through the varied interactive installations.

If the weather is not so great, you can also take a gondola to Magisalp. The restaurant has quite an impresive indoor playroom and a small bike park.

At the bottom of the Kugelweg Hasliberg hike (Reuti station) there is also a nice restaurant with a trampoline.

The views factor

The Kugelweg Hasliberg hike goes through fields and forests. The views are absolutely beautiful - you pass the mountain views, fields with flowers (especially in the spring), lakes and waterfalls. We were in awe.

From mid June, you can also take the gondola to the top of the mountain (Alpen Tower) for some spectacular alpine views.

Kugelweg Hasliberg views

The fitness factor

To get to the beginning of the Kugelweg Hasliberg hike can take a gondola (see practical info). The hike is mostly downhill which can be a bit challenging for the legs. Our 3.5 year old walked the whole thing (motivated by the marble stations) so it is definitely doable. If you want to challenge yourself, you can always do the hike in reverse :)

The food factor

Bargeizli food

There are restaurants next to each gondola stations with a nice food offering - including delicious salad "fitness tellers", sausages, hamburgers, kids menues and home made ice creams. The restaurant xx has a limited fastfood selection. If you want something more healthy, I espeically recommend the restaurant Magisalp or Bargeizli.

There are also numerous places to barbecue on the way.

Kugelweg Hasliberg impressions video

Practical info

Kugelweg Hasliberg map
  • Start: Mittelstation Bidmi, 1'423 m

  • End: Talstation Reuti, 1'053 m

  • Ascend: 21 m

  • Decend: 390 m

  • Length: ca. 3 km

  • Duration: 1 hr 30 mins walking plus c. 1 hr 30 minutes to pay at the marble stations

  • You can park either at Reuti or Meringen

  • SBB half fare accepted

  • No strollers

  • Tip: buy min 2 marble per child (and an adult - in our case we were all happy to have our own marble to roll!) (in case you lose some on the way)

  • The hike is recommended from Bidmi to Reuti. You can also do it in reverse to challenge yourself :)

  • More info here

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