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Family Guide to Exploring the FIFA Museum

Updated: Mar 31

Large interactive football-themed museum. Zürich, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

Happyland Cherokee

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Some interactive sections can get crowded

  • No family friendly food section - there is a restaurant targeting adults with limited opening hours

  • Suitable for kids aged 5 and older, but 4 year-olds can have a blast too!

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

We saved the visit to the FIFA museum for when the grandpas were here, as both are big football fans. I must say, I wasn't sure if our 4 year-old wouldn't be bored, but my worries quickly went away as we went through the museum. Indeed, it was a great experience for the whole family—with a perfect blend of football information and paraphernalia for true fans and interactive fun stations for the kids. I think it is best suited for kids aged 5-6 and above, but even 4 year-olds can have a good time.

So here are our top 8 highlights with a fun factor:

1. Solve FIFA quizzes

Transforming museum exploration into an adventure, kids can grab a "Kids Trail" booklet and follow the map to tackle various quizzes. While designed for slightly older kids who can read or write, our 4 year-old eagerly joined in, helping us search for quiz answers and "coloring in" the answers :).

The booklet is only available in German, but the language barrier is no longer a hindrance. We use the Google Translate app—just snap a picture of the text, and it automatically translates everything into the language of choice. It works like a charm!

2. Just dance

Dotted throughout the museum exhibition are exciting interactive activity stations designed for both kids and adults. Our 4 year-old's top pick was the dancing game. It mimics the iconic celebration moves of football players, transforming them into a dance routine. You then have to imitate the dance, much like you would in the Just Dance game. We were far from breaking any records, but we had a blast!

3. Guess the toys

What kid doesn't love toys? Our 4 year-old was particularly drawn to the football mascot displays, and we were relieved they were behind a glass wall, preventing any impromptu purchases (although she insisted on getting them all, of course). A highlight was the guessing game. Placing your arm in a container, you get to guess which toy is hidden inside. It added an extra element of fun to our visit!

4. Take photos

The grandparents' favorite spot was the photo booth, where you could snap pictures with one of the iconic football stadiums as backdrop and have it sent to your email (at no extra cost). Keep in mind that the camera was positioned quite high, so younger kids needed a lift to be captured in the photo.

5. Get creative

The youngest visitors will for sure enjoy the creative section known as "The Lab." Our 4 year-old spent nearly an hour there, designing her own football jerseys and building football stadiums. You can even design and send your own postcard to surprise the grandparents that stayed at home. This gave us the perfect opportunity to explore the nearby displays while our little one was happily engrossed in her creative pursuits.

6. Play computer games

E-sports made their mark in the football-dedicated museum, featuring Xbox and PlayStation where visitors can try out their gaming skills (or lack thereof). Our 4 year-old, of course, couldn't resist sitting in the gaming chair, donning a giant headset, and giving it a go by randomly pressing buttons. It didn't take long for her to realize she had no idea what to do, swiftly moving on to the next activity.

7. Play ball in "the Pinball" - the grand finale!

As you approach the end of the museum, a fantastic treat awaits – a section called 'The Pinball,' comprising of six stations where both your kids and you can showcase your ball-kicking skills. While ideal for kids aged 5 and up, our 4 year-old still had a blast. She eagerly tried out her dribbling, goal kicking, and passing skills, reluctant to leave. Just a heads up – each ticket allows for only one try at each station. This section tends to get quite busy, and although we were initially overwhelmed by the queues, they moved swiftly, and the waiting time was surprisingly short.

8. Explore the exhibition

The activities mentioned earlier are spread throughout the museum, which is also filled with fascinating objects and multimedia displays. Here, you can delve into the history of football, explore football gear, stadiums, players, rules, trophies, and other intriguing facts. We found this setup particularly helpful, allowing our toddler to engage in interactive activities while we concentrated on exploring the exhibition.

The food factor

A small picnic area with a vending machine is conveniently located next to the museum exit, making it worthwhile to bring a snack for after the football adventure. For those in search of more, the same building houses the Sports Bar restaurant, which is also open to people without tickets (check opening hours and during peak times consider booking a table). While it boasts a nice ambiance and serves good food, it is more targeting adult football fans, rather than families with kids. Additionally, there are many cafes, shops, and restaurants nearby, given the museum's proximity to a bustling train station.

The value factor

Ravensburger Spieleland

Adults: CHF 26.00

Children 7 - 15 years old: 15 CHF

Children up to 6 years: Free

Family, season and other discounted tickets available.

We spent around 3 hrs at the FIFA Museum.

FIFA Museum Zürich Practical Info

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