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Museum: EBIANUM Baggermuseum - Construction vehicles museum

Updated: Apr 17

Construction machinery interactive museum. Canton of Aargau, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

EBIANUM Baggermuseum

What makes it special:

  •  3'300 m2 of colossal playground with machineries to climb on

  • Indoor and outdoor sandpits with diggers and toys

  • Vintage machinery walkthrough

  • Large collection of miniature vehicles

What needs to be considered:

  • Snack choices are quite limited

  • Museum is open on Wednesday afternoons and weekends only

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video about EBIANUM Baggermuseum instead!

The fun factor

1. Jump on a construction vehicle

The EBIANUM Baggermuseum's main area is a colossal playground with construction machinery, both big and small. Kids can happily climb on and play with these big machines and move between vehicles using small bikes, bobby cars, mini diggers, and more. Our 4 year-old loved it, and getting her to leave this part was a challenge. We found that this section of the museum alone makes it an excellent outing for all the young vehicle, construction or climbing enthusiasts.

3. Discover vintage machinery

After the EBIANUM Baggermuseum rides, you can explore the story of company founders Heinrich and Rudolf Eberhard in a walk-through exhibit with audioguides, featuring historical vehicles spanning over 100 years. Our 4 year-old was admiring the machines with wide-open eyes. I would definitely recommend it for all (young) vehicule lovers.

4. Dig, experiment and play

Inside the EBIANUM Baggermuseum, there's a variety of fun activities for kids. The younger ones especially enjoy the sandbox with toy diggers. Older kids can try out the experiments layed out in the construction trailer. They cover several topics such as learning about electrical circuits. Our toddler had a great time getting to know the construction worker mannequin — something for everyone!

5. Explore the miniatures

Upstairs, you'll find one of the world's largest miniature exhibitions featuring over 3'000 models of construction machinery, trucks, and cranes. The best part? They're all behind glass, so there's no need to worry about kids breaking anything. Plus, you can't buy any of them, so your wallet is safe (for now).

6. Play in the sand

On sunny days or if your kids enjoy playing in the rain, you can also explore various diggers and construction toy cars outdoors in a massive sandpit.

EBIANUM Baggermuseum construction machinery outdoor playground sandpit

7. Gear up with construction toys

Yep, there's a tiny store at the entrance/exit of the EBIANUM Baggermuseum selling toy construction machinery and cute builder helmets. Luckily, our little one was more interested in a wall nearby covered in different gears and tools—an artsy touch! :)

The food factor

The EBIANUM Baggermuseum's café has a nice vibe with lovely decorations, but the menu is limited, offering only hot dogs, mini pizzas and snacks. If you are looking for an original party idea, they offer an option to host a construction-themed events for kids with special table decorations.

The value factor

EBIANUM Baggermuseum construction machinery

In 2023 the prices were as follows:

Adults: CHF 15.00

Children (7-16 years): CHF 20.00

Children up to 6 years: Free

Parent with 1 - 4 kids: 25 CHF

We spent around 2.5 hrs at EBIANUM.

EBIANUM Baggermuseum - practical info

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