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Museum in Switzerland: Dinosaur

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Medium sized observational museum, mostly with dinosaur fossils, some multimedia and statues. Limited interactive stations. Strollers not allowed.

Final verdict: Recommended for dinosaur amators (4/5)

The it factor: 3/5

The museum is great for a bit older children who are into dinosaurs. For younger kids it offers fantastic impressions but we struggling to keep our 3-year-olds engaged. The museum has a bit dated feel, not very engaging displays and not many interactive stations.

The fun factor: 3/5

Some of the displays are quite impressive and dinosaur fans will be in heaven! Our two little toddlers were engaged for a third of the way and then moved on to chasing each other through the corridors.

For them the best parts were big skeletons and the multimedia displays (holograms, movies and cartoons about dinosaours).

The most exciting, however, was the gift shop very strategically placed in the entry and exit - there was no way of leaving the museum without yet another dinosaur toy...

There is also a rather small playground but as we were there on a rainy day - we did not explore it.

The education factor: 5/5

This is where the place excells. You can learn about the evolution, species, history, discovery and dinosaurs in popular culture and much more!

Some of the content is more at an academical level with detailed maps, articles and fossils under glass.

So if your child (or you!) has a real passion for dinosaurs - you will love it.

The food factor: 2/5

There is a small cafe with limited choices. You are not allowed to bring your own food.

Practical info

  • GPS address: Zürichstrasse 69, 8607 Aathal

  • There is a parking next to the museum

  • More info here

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