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Animals: Birds Park (Vogelpark) Ambigua

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Small park and a certified rescue center with 400 animals. Fun experience for kids to discover the world of birds. Sand cast and a lovely school themed play area for kids.

Final verdict: Recommended for bird-lovers

The "it" factor

vogelpark ambigua parrot

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • There are no swings or slides

  • The place is suitable for 1-2 hours visit

  • Feeding and touching is not allowed

Vogelpark Ambigua Impressions video

The fun factor

There birds are very beautiful and active. As soon as you enter the park, you are surrounded by cages of colorful parrot and parakeets. When you approach the cages they often interact with you. You are not allowed to touch or feed the birds though and be careful with your fingers as they can hurt you.

The cages are quite close to each other so you will not have to walk long to admire a new kind of bird. Our 3.5 year old was running from one cage to another excited to see what comes next.

A real hit with the kids are the hamsters and common marmoset monkeys. They are adorable and very curious about everyone around them. Be careful approaching the cage too closely as they are keen to grab you!

We were happily surprised to discover a unique "playroom" amongst the bird cages, containing a small antique desk, books and a chalkboard. It kept our kid occupied for a good 30 minutes drawing on the board and looking through the books.

There is a small sand box next to the restaurant. Our only wish would be for a small playground (there is none) which would definitely increase the kids fun factor. Our daughter was so used to the fact that all animal parks come with slides and swings that she demanded a visit to a playground after the visit.

A nice touch: upon completion of the Vogelpark Ambigua visit, every child gets a colorful feather as a souvernir.

The food factor

There is a restaurant with a nice selection of barbeque food, ice-cream, drinks and cakes. They also organize regular events such as Asian food evening, grill evening with live music and workshops for kids 9-15 years old.

The value factor

We find it reasonably priced for its size. As the fee is going towards rescuing birds and protecting endangered species, you're doing a good deed and get to "feel good" about it.

Practical info

vogelpark ambigua map

* How does the rating work?

As it is difficult to compare different types of activities, each one is evaluated against similar in its category (e.g. animal parks are compared against animal parks). The scoring is completely subjective. Activities scored 4 (recommended or recommended for specific audience) or 5 (highly recommended) are considered as best in class and worth a visit.

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