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Amusement Park: The Little Prince (Le Parc du Petit Prince)

Updated: Mar 29

Medium sized amusement park themed around The Little Prince - the main character from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book. Balloon flight, Carousels, roller-coasters, playgrounds, shows and petting zoo. Most attractions suitable for kids from 100 cm tall.

The "it" factor

 The Little Prince (Le Parc du Petit Prince) Balloon

What makes it special:

  • The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) is themed around The Little Prince - a treat for fans of the book!

  • Balloon flight at a 150 meters above the park included in the ticket price (if the weather allows)

  • A great mix of rides, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, shows and animals

What needs to be considered:

  • Rides for kids below 100 cm are quite limited

  • If there are abrupt wind gusts, even if the weather seems nice, the balloon might not be able to fly

  • The shows are in french only

The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) impression video

The fun factor

“All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As soon as you enter the The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince), you experience the world of the Little Prince, the main character from the famous and brilliant book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. That book is a very interesting classic of children's literature because it is easy to read, well written and quite poetic in the way it tells its beautiful and colorful adventure. It also brushes on many deep and important topics such as love, friendship, responsibility and sacrifice. Fun fact, the author not only wrote the book but also drew the illustrations as well.

The park is shaped in a circle with the Asteroid B 612 in the middle (geek factor: in the book, this was the human name for his planet. The Little Prince himself calls his planet the Asteroid 325) and the attractions around it. The book fans are in for a treat - you get to see and experience the rose garden, a treasure hunt through the maze with the Geographer, the Lamplighter and the Drinker and draw a sheep (reference from the book) on a giant chalkboard and more!

The highlight of The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) is a helium balloon lift a 150m above the park. It has no age or height restriction and it is included in the price of the park, just like a normal ride. You just hop on a balloon and fly :)

It is tethered to the ground by a giant cable which controls its height. For obvious reasons, the balloon only goes up in good weather conditions, which we luckily had. It was the first time in a balloon for us and we really enjoyed the experience. Our 3.5 year-old was excited to get in and curious about this big ball flying above us. I was slightly anxious as I am not very good with heights and I was asking a lot of questions about safety. The balloon operator was very nice and reassured us that there are numerous safety measures in place, which put me at ease and let me enjoy the flight.

There are 3 rides designed for small kids and our toddler particularly loved the latest park addition: The Fox Burrow (from 85 cm). You get to ride on the back of a cute fox and explore the Little Prince's world. We did this 11 times and I think the Little Prince would agree that this means we had tamed the fox (as he has done in the book).

There is also a small Carousel Aerousel (from 2 years) and a Little Train riding around the park (no age restriction).

Slightly older (or taller) kids and adults can also experience thrills with 2 roller-coasters: The Snake (from 100 cm) and the Thunder Stone (from 95 cm). There's a water attraction as well with little airplanes falling from 10 meters into the water in the South Atlantic (from 95 cm). You can also shoot 3D virtual sea creatures whilst riding a scooter around the Underwater Planet (from 100 cm) or sip a drink with your feet dangling up 35 meters in the air at the Aerobar of the Drinker (from 100 cm). Kids above 105 cm can also enjoy a Flying Chairs carousel.

Our 3.5 year-old especially enjoyed the indoor play areas: Trampoline Park (90 cm) and the Volcano (no age restriction) with the Little Prince themed inflatable structures. This is also a great way to escape the sun (or rain) for a little bit and enjoy a drink (we had a bubble tea) whilst your kids play.

If you prefer to stay outdoors, The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) has also a few playgrounds scattered around the park, including the Boa Snake with an elephant in their belly (reference to the book) and a water playground for hot days. The Citadel playground and especially the Tyrolean Traverse zip lines, which have no age restriction felt to us more suitable for older kids.

The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) Theatre Show

What's very special about this park are the shows. They are at specific times and places so check out the schedule on the digital or printed map, which you can get at the cash point. There is a wide variety from animal shows, movie screenings, mascots meetings, interactive performances and puppet shows. Hard to see them all in one visit!

The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) Petting Zoo

If you or your kids need a break from all the rides, you can also visit a petting zoo with goats, sheep and sheepdogs, rabbits, peacocks, hens and pigeons. As we only had one day for the visit, we ran out of time and did not manage to explore it - definitely one of the reasons for us to come back! Let us now what you thought about it, if you were able to visit it.

The food factor

There are a few restaurants at the The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince). Tip: not all are not always open - check the schedule at the entrance of the park.

We have just managed to had a coffee at the Meteorit Café, which offered food as expected from any amusement park - fast food and guilty pleasures Table of Saint Exupéry, however, has also some healthy options and we will check it out next time we are at the park.

There are some nice picnic areas though in case you prefer to bring your own healthy treats and have a nice picnic in the Little Prince's world.

The value factor

The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) Flying Chairs

In 2023 The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) price for adults was 24€ and for kids above 1 meter - 19€. Kids below 1 meter enter for free. There is also a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 kids below 11 years old for 74 €. If you purchase tickets online, it is 1€ cheaper.

The park is significantly smaller than some of the more famous parks, such as Europapark or Disneyland, but with all the attractions and shows you can easily spend the whole day there.

The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) - practical info

 The Little Prince Park (Le Parc du Petit Prince) Map

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