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Ultimate Guide: Getting the Most Out of Pilatus Family Adventures

Updated: Jun 8

Dragon-themed family mountain near Lucerne with two gondola stations packed with family activities and one gondola station offering scenic views.

Luzerne (Canton Luzerne, Switzerland)

The "it" factor

Pilatus Fräkmüntegg family

What makes it special:

Pick your gondola station for your ideal family outing!

What needs to be considered:

  • Pilatus KULM offers the best views, but with limited family experiences and tickets up to 75% pricier

  • Can get very crowded on sunny weekends or holidays. It's best to arrive as early as possible to avoid the queues for the gondola.

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

Mount Pilatus, the stunning mountain near Lucerne, is one of our favorite destinations. Like most visitors, we initially headed straight for the top station, Pilatus Kulm. This prime spot offers breathtaking views of sparkling lakes and towering peaks. You'll also find several restaurants, hiking trails, and the Dragon World, which provides dragon-themed indoor interactive fun for older kids. However, activities for younger children are limited.

Pilatus Kulm Family

So here's our tip to save up to 75% on the ticket price and enjoy the best family activities - especially if you are visiting with younger kids. Instead of going to the tourist spot, try the lower stations, Krienseregg and Fräkmüntegg. They have many activities themed around PILU, the cute red dragon mascote. Here’s what’s waiting for you.

Pilatus family adventure

Krienseregg: A little ones' wonderland

This first gondola station provides the best family activities for any age.

1. Embark on a 2.4 km Dragon Moor (Drachenmoor) Family Hike with dragon PILU

To start your Pilatus family adventures, from the gondola station at Krienseregg, you can embark on a 2.4 km themed circular family hike. Along this trail, you can join PILU's quest by purchasing the PILU book at the Krienseregg gondola station. As you follow the trail, you'll find stations equipped with punchers. Use these punchers to punch letters at each station, which will help you uncover the answer to the question: "What secret power lies in PILU?".

The booklet includes a short PILU story dedicated to each station, adding an engaging narrative to your adventure. Note that the story is available in German only. 

Along the trail, we found four activity stations:

  • Two stations dedicated to learning about local plants and animals.

  • A barefoot path for a sensory experience.

  • A station where you discover what the area looked like many thousands of years ago and how it has changed over time.

These simple activity stations, combined with the punching stations, make the hike engaging and fun for everyone.

The Dragon Moor hike is approximately 2.4 km, featuring a mostly flat trail with a slight ascent and descent of about 70 m. The route primarily follows forest trail with some sections on paved roads and dirt roads. However, it includes narrow paths with exposed tree roots and a few stairs, making it unsuitable for strollers.

Pilatus Krienseregg Family Hike Drachenmoor Dragon Moor

The Pilatus family hike winds through forests and open fields. Although the views are not as dramatic as those from Pilatus Kulm, where you can see high mountain peaks, the trail offers its own charm. You'll enjoy the tranquility of the forest, cross over river creeks, and occasionally glimpse distant mountains or the lake. The natural beauty of the surroundings makes this hike a delightful experience.

2. Hit the PILU-land

After the hike, the reward awaits: PILU-land's large playground! It features castles, climbing structures, swings, slides, a small river, little houses, and more. Surrounded by a beautiful forest and mountain view, it's a great opportunity for parents to enjoy nature while the kids play.

The food factor

Along the Pilatus family Dragon Moor hike, you'll find several picnic & barbecue spots near stations 5, 6, and 10. The spots near stations 5 and 6 are nestled in a forest, offering a serene environment, while the spot near station 10 provides a stunning mountain view.

Adjacent to the PILU-land playground, there are barbecue areas, perfect for a family cookout. If you prefer dining indoors, there's a charming family Krienseregg Restaurant that specializes in pasta and pinsa. We haven't tried it yet, but it looks very inviting!

Fräkmuntegg: Action packed paradise

This second gondola station with epic views is perfect for kids aged 3-4 and up who crave more adventurous outings.

3. Climb at PILU Rope Park

Rope parks are outdoor adventure spots filled with fun suspended obstacle courses and ziplines, perfect for testing your agility and bravery. Climbers navigate through a series of platforms, bridges, nets, and zip lines, all while securely harnessed.

We really like them and get especially excited when we find courses for younger kids. The Pilatus family PILU rope park kids section is perfect for little adventurers aged 4 and up, offering 8 difficulty levels. Our 4.5-year-old had an absolute blast! And the cutest part? The tiny harnesses with dragon wings!

And they also have adult courses, if you want to try it out for yourself.

Here you will also find a canopy path that the whole family can explore for free, with no entry ticket or minimum age requirements. It is a walkway among the treetops protected by a net, providing a unique perspective of the forest, and along the way, you get to discover interesting facts about the local nature. Great addition to the Pilatus family adventure!

4. Glide like a dragon

For even more adventure, hop on the Dragon Glider! Perfect for kids from 10 kg (with an adult), this thrilling ride lets you glide through the forest at a height of eight meters. The 500-meter-long track features an integrated brake system for safety. We did not try it this time, but it looked like so much fun! We're definitely looking forward to it on our next visit.

5. Ride Fräkigaudi, the Longest Non-Rail Toboggan in Switzerland

Around a 5-10 minute walk away, you'll find Fräkigaudi, the longest non-rail toboggan run in Switzerland. A non-rail toboggan is a type of sled that slides down a winding, metal track without the guidance of rails. This slide stretches 1,350 meters, and the ride down took us nearly 3 minutes. The views are absolutely epic!

Kids from 2 years old can ride with their parents, while kids from 8 years old can ride alone. We went together with our 4.5-year-old and really enjoyed it!

Just bear in mind that on sunny holidays or weekends, there might be quite a long queue.

The food factor

If you love a restaurant with a view, like us, Restaurant Fräkmüntegg is a top choice. Overlooking the mountains and lakes, it offers an adventurous vibe with rope park climbers passing by. They serve traditional Swiss food buffet-style, including schnitzel with pommes, and spaghetti, which is always a hit with kids. We were also happy to find healthier options like rösti with steamed vegetables - a delicious mountain treat! Plus, there's a salad bar, which we always appreciate.

If you prefer DIY options for your Pilatus family adventure, you can enjoy a picnic or barbecue directly in the PILU Rope Park.

A few steps down, you'll find Drachenalp, a beautiful covered spot perfect for barbecuing. It includes a small kiosk where you can buy drinks, french fries, or meat and prepare it yourself.

Just next to the toboggan, you will also find a picnic spot and a kiosk with pizzas, as well as a small slide for the youngest explorers.

The value factor

Krienseregg adventures:

  • Playground PILU-land: Free

  • Dragon Moor Hike: Free | Optional PILU-book: 2 CHF

  • Gondolas: Adult Return Ticket: CHF 20 | Kids/SBB Half Fare Return Ticket: CHF 10

Fräkmüntegg adventures:

  • PILU Rope Park: 12 CHF (1 hr access)

  • Canopy Path: Free

  • Dragon Glider: Adults without rope park: 8 CHF | Adults with rope park: 6 CHF | Kids without rope park: 6 CHF | Kids with rope park: 3.60 CHF

  • Toboggan: Kids below 6 years old: Free | 6 - 7 years old: 5 CHF | 8 - 16 years old: 7 CHF | Adult: 9 CHF

  • Gondolas: Adult Return Ticket: CHF 40 | Kids/SBB Half Fare Return Ticket: CHF 20

Pilatus KULM (top station with amazing views and limited family activities):

  • Adult Return Ticket: CHF 72

  • Kids/SBB Half Fare Return Ticket: CHF 36

Pilatus Family Adventure Map

Pilatus Family Visit | Practical info



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