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Walk: Treetop walkway | Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal

Easy walk on a platform at 4 to 15 meters above the ground (500 m) and on the ground throughout the forest (650 m), with activity stations, playground and a scavenger hunt along the way . Neckertal (St.Gallen, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

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What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal walk is short and can be done in less than 1 hour. Combined with activity stations, playground, picnic or / and restaurant, however, it can be a great half day family adventure.

The fun factor

1. Walk above the trees

The Treetop walkway (Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal) is a beautiful and leisurely outdoor family adventure. The highlight is a stroll on a platform 4 to 15 meters above the ground, with spectacular views on the trees, hills and fields. The platform is well secured so kids can run around safely whilst the whole family can relax and enjoy about 500 meters of walk in nature.

Once you have enough of walking above the trees, there is another path called Forest Adventure Trail (650 m). This one is on the ground and goes around the forest. It has a playground and activity stations along the way.

2. Conquer the activity stations

Along the Treetop Walkway and the Adventure Trail are 30 different activity stations. Some with informations about the trees, forest animals, geology and landscape, and some with fun activities & games. Not surprisingly, the latter, mostly balancing ropes and bridges, were the favourite ones for our two 3 year-old adventurers.

3. Find the squirrels

Kids can also participate in a Squirrel Split scavenger hunt. Your mission: find 6 squirrels hiding around the area. If you succeed in finding 4, you get a little chocolate reward at the end.

If you feel like indulging with some more Minor chocolate after the Treetop adventure, you can consider visiting the Maestrani Chocolarium - chocolate factory and museum.

4. Hit the playground

Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal has also a nice playground with a zip line, giant ball run, balancing stations, giant xylophones, and more.

The value factor

In 2023, the entrance fee to Baumwipfelpfad Neckerta for adults was 15 CHF, kids below 16 years old paid 8 CHF and the entrance for kids below 6 years old was free. There are also family and seasonal tickets - check the website for the latest prices.

The fitness factor

The walk is quite short - the treetop platform is 500 meters and the adventure trail on the ground is 650 meters. Both are flat and stroller friendly, making it a great destination for an easy stroll for the whole family.

The food factor

Around the adventure trail are a few cute barbecue and picnic spots, wood is provided. You can either bring your own food, or buy some delicious local barbecue delicacies at the restaurant. In any case you'll enjoy preparing and eating your food whilst your kids hit the playground.

If you prefer to have something warm (or sweet!), opt for the restaurant. There is no specific kids menu but they serve a kids favourite - Wienerli with bread.

Treetop walkway (Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal)

  • Address: Steinwäldli 2175, 9122 Mogelsberg

  • Parking address: Lettenstrasse 19, 9122 Mogelsberg. Parking is approx. 10 minutes walk away from the entrance of the park.

  • Arrival by public transport: More info here

  • Distance: Treetop platform - 500 meters, Adventure trail on the ground: 650 meters

  • Stroller friendly

  • Tip: Bring food for barbecue

  • The walks themselves took us around 1 hour, but with activity stations, playground and a restaurant we spent there around half a day.

  • Can be combined with a visit to Maestrani Chocolate Factory or Appenzeller Cheese Factory

  • More info

Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal | Treetop walkway play stations overview:

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