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Ticiland indoor amusement park

Small amusement park with indoor and outdoor attractions. Stein am Rhein (Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

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What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • The park is relatively small, perfect for a half-day outing.

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The fun factor

Ticiland is a charming, compact amusement park, primarily indoors, with attractions tailored for children from 95 cm tall. Offering a total of 11 experiences (7 indoors, 4 outdoors), along with indoor play areas and an outdoor slide, it's ideal for a half-day adventure, especially on rainy days.

Additionally, on our recent visit during a rainy Saturday, we found it was not crowded at all. The staff mentioned that even on weekends, it typically doesn't get too busy. However, keep in mind that this can change at any time...

Here are our top 4 Fun Factors of Ticiland Amusement Park

1. Explore the indoor attractions 

At Ticiland's indoor section, you'll find yourself in a spacious hangar, greeted by an inviting atmosphere as soon as you walk in. It's a little bit like a "Chilbi," those traditional Swiss autumn fairs that travel around the cities. However, here, things are a bit more relaxed, with fewer crowds, and just one entry fee covers all attractions.

Here are all the attractions:

  • Two Carousels - one for all heights, one from 95 cm

  • Roller Coaster - from 95 cm

  • Go-Karts - from 95 cm

  • Drop Tower - from 95 cm

  • Spinning Boats - from 95 cm

  • Kontiki log ride - from 95 cm

The minimum height requirement applies when kids are accompanied by adults. Children who are at least 120 cm tall can ride alone.

2. Check out the outdoor fun

Even when it's raining, you can still enjoy the small outdoor section at Ticiland, which features three carousels and a go-kart track. We visited on a rainy day and had no problem trying them out. A helpful tip: Bring rain trousers for added comfort!

Here are all the attractions:

  • Three Carousels - one from 90 cm, two from 95 cm

  • Outdoor cars - from 120 cm

  • PLUS: Additional Outdoor Slide

The minimum height requirement applies when kids are accompanied by adults. Children who are at least 120 cm tall can ride alone.

3. Hit the indoor playroom

Ticiland also features a surprisingly spacious indoor playroom. Though it may not appear so from the outside, stepping inside reveals its decent size. Here, you'll find all the usual attractions, including slides, climbing structures, soft ball guns, and more. The only thing we noticed missing was a trampoline.

Additionally, it's important to note that visibility of the kids from the outside is limited. Therefore, you'll need to decide whether to let them explore independently or accompany them inside, especially if you have younger ones to supervise.

Next to the restaurant, there's a small play area dedicated to the youngest kids.

In the outdoor section, you'll discover an additional attraction: a slide!

4. Visit Stein am Rhein

If you're coming from a distance, why not pair your park visit with a trip to Stein am Rhein? It's a charming Swiss town with beautifully preserved medieval buildings, including scenic old town streets and a cute riverside playground, perfect for a leisurely stroll and family fun.

The food factor

Indulge in scenic picnics with a view

At the park, there is a fast food section with all the usual stuff- vienerli, burgers, pizzas. Although there was a salad on the menu, it was not available when we visited. So if you want to ensure you have a healthy option, bring your own food. But if you are in it for the typical food, we found it actually quite nice.

If you want something more proper, there are also many restaurants in Stein am Rhein. We haven't tried them yet but they looked very nice. Let us know if you have any recommendations!

The value factor

2024 prices

  • Children under 95 cm: Free

  • Children (95 cm – 120 cm):

  • Online: CHF 24.00

  • At the gate: CHF 26.00

  • Adults and Children over 120 cm:

  • Online: CHF 31.00

  • At the gate: CHF 35.00

  • Parking fee: CHF 5.00

Ticiland amusement park - practical info


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