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Amusement Park in Switzerland: Schongiland

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Small amusement park with cars, carousels, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, go-karts, toggobans, goats, bike park and more. Switzerland, 40 minutes from Zurich.

Final verdict: Recommended for younger kids (4/5)

The it factor: 4/5

Great destination for a half-a-day outing with younger children (2-12 year olds). Good size and not very crowded. Rides for older children are limited and it lacks healthy food options.

The fun factor: 4/5

Even though Schongiland is quite small, we were suprised with a variety of different activities: Carousels, car rides, mountain toboggans, slides, pendulum rides. Most are suitable for kids 3+ (when accompanied by parents). Ony one ride (butterfly) is for kids min 105 cm tall. Our little one especially loved the dragon and car rides.

There is also a small in-door space with a climbing playground, bouncy castles and go-karts (go-karts are the only attraction not included in the entrance fee - you need coins).

There are two playgrounds - one with a pirate ship and a trampoline, suitable for smaller kids, and one with a big slide - for slightly older ones.

On very hot days, the park is lacking water activities. There is only a small area where kids can play with water.

When your kids (or you :) ) have enough of rides, you can also visit goats in a small petting zoo, or do some bike riding - either on your own bike in a small bike park or on available trikes.

Some of the attractions are covered - which I found great when you want to hide from the sun.

The unique factor: 4/5

What makes this park special is that is great for relaxed, simple fun. It is packed with activities but relatively small, not over stimulating for younger kids and not exhausting for parents.

The food factor: 3/5

The food is as you would expect to find in an amusement park - burgers, chips, pizza, sausages, pasta and ice-cream. I would appreciate if they had some healthier options.

What is great, however, is that there is a picnic area where you can bring (and even barbecue) your own food.

The value factor: 5/5

Apart from the go-kart rides (which you can skip), all is inclusive in the price. Adults pay 21 CHF, kids above 4 years - 19 CHF. Kids under 4 years old go for free. If you compare to most of the places to offer carousels paid per ride, I believe this is a great value for money.

Schongiland Impressions video

Practical info

Schongiland map
Schongiland map
  • 40 mins from Zurich

  • Address: Guggibadstrasse 12, 6288 Schongau

  • Tip: Bring healthy snacks or food for picnic / barbecue

  • Tip: bring kids bike to try out the bike park

  • Great to combine with walks or bike excursions in the area

  • More info here

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