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Hike in Switzerland: Sattel Panorama Loop

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Easy hike (5,7 km), mostly flat with slight ascents and decents. Bouncy castle town and mountain slides at the beginning and end of the hike and a goat farm 2/3 of the way. Offroad strollers ok.

Final verdict: Recommended (4/5)

The it factor: 4/5

The bouncy castle town with trampolines, mountain toggoban, goat farm and beautiful views as well as proximity to Zurich make it worth to check out. The hike can be a bit boring for kids as it lacks activities throughout the way to motivate them to walk.

The fun factor: 4/5

The hike starts at the top of a gondola (Mostelberg station) where kids can go crazy in the bouncy castle town or enjoy a mountain toggobahn or a tubbing run. You can also consider just coming here for the fun day at the mountain and skip the hike all-together.

Half way through the hike there is a goat farm. You can pre-book a 30 minutes visit to learn about ice-cream production, taste ice-cream and get to know the animals.

The bouncy castle, toggobaning and goat farm are excellent for a fun day. What is missing is more play stations along the way to keep the kids motivated to continue the hike.

The views factor: 4/5

You get to the start of the hike with a revolving gondola. The hike starts (or ends) with a quite impressive suspension bridge and goes mostly through the field dirt-roads and some pave roads. The first part is mostly through forests and fields. The second part has some magnificent mountain views.

The fitness factor: 3/5

The hike is mostly flat, making it an easy walk for everyone. It is slightly longer though and might be too long for small legs. The dirt roads make the hike off-road stroller friendly when kids have enough and parents want to continue enjoying the views.

The food factor: 4/5

There are 2 restaurants at the beginning of the hike - both offering quite good selection.

Every Sunday Berggasthaus Mostelberg offers a combo deal of a hotel-style breakfast and gondola ticket. (prebooking needed)

The Bluemlisberg restaurant (2/3 through the hike) offers fantastic selection of goat milk based products - cheeses, cakes and ice creams.

Practical info

  • Parking at the Sattel Gondola station

  • Follow the Engelstock LOOP trial signs (1 - pink on the map)

  • Start: Mostelberg station, 1200 m

  • End: Mostelberg station, 1200 m

  • Ascend: 220 m

  • Decend: 220 m

  • Length: ca. 5.4 km

  • Duration with kids: 2:30 hrs

  • More info here

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