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Sattel-Hochstuckli Winter Family Adventures Guide: with or without snow

Updated: Feb 28

Family fun guide to getting the most out of Sattel - Hochstuckli in every winter weather condition. Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

The fun factor

Sattel-Hochstuckli, also known as the Family Mountain, lives up to its name. It is themed around four round gondola mascots: green Rondina, who loves animals and plants; yellow Rondi, always brimming with the best ideas; red Rondinella, who can't sit still and loves to chat; and blue Rondu, constantly searching for things with his magnifying glass. Statues of these characters are scattered throughout Sattel, and our 4-year-old daughter was thrilled every time she spotted one.

The gondolas, available in four colors corresponding to the mascots, add an extra layer of excitement to the Sattel family adventure. Every visit brings a new color preference from our child or friends' kids who join us, creating a fun tradition. Even from the parking lot, they eagerly choose their preferred one, making the gondola ride a highlight of the trip. It always brings a smile to my face as I explain to other visitors that we're patiently waiting for the yellow or red one, graciously passing on gondolas of alternate colors until ours arrives.

At Sattel-Hochstuckli family resort, nestled on Mostelberg mountain at 1'200 meters, there's something for everyone, regardless of the weather.

If there's not enough snow, fear not! You can still hit the "slopes" with artificial snow for some ski practice. Additionally, enjoy sunny themed hikes, bounce around on bouncy castles, or gather for some marshmallow melting fun. Despite the lack of natural snow, there's no shortage of family-friendly entertainment.

And when the real snow does arrive, it's time to fully immerse yourself in winter wonderland activities. Whether it's skiing, sledging, building snowmen, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of the snowy landscape, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

No matter what the weather brings, Sattel-Hochstuckli provides opportunities for a family adventure. So gear up and get inspired with our top Family Fun Factors of Sattel-Hochstuckli!



Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

1. Embark on a 2km Rondos Scavenger Hunt (no strollers)

Grab an adventure map from either the bottom or top gondola station and prepare for a mission: a 2 km round walk to uncover five hidden small colorful boxes along the way. Each box holds an answer to a question about the Sattel-Hochstuckli area and adorable gondola characters residing around the mountain: Rondina, Rondi, Rodinella, and Rondu. Successfully find all the answers, and you'll be able to enter a draw to win a prize! More info here.

We embarked on this adventure in February when the snow was sparse, and it turned out to be a great family outing. Our 4-year-old was thrilled to hunt for the boxes and discover which character was concealed inside. She eagerly marked the characters on her map, while we assisted with jotting down the answers - teamwork!

Follow the bridge LOOP trail signs, guiding you through an easy stroll with gentle ascents and descents. It took us approximately 2 hours to complete, including stops and snack breaks. However, for families who are fast walkers, it can be completed in just 40 minutes (unlike us!). Plus, it is off-road stroller friendly, making it an accessible adventure for families with younger kids.

Please note that the suspension bridge is one way only and can be accessed from the mountain station side.

2. Dare to cross the skywalk suspension bridge

The 374-meter long Skywalk isn't just a component of the Rondos Scavenger hunt; it's an exhilarating experience in its own right, even if you choose not to partake in the quest. While completely safe with barriers on both sides, its slight wobble and see-through floor and walls create an adventurous atmosphere. We noticed many kids, including our own, brimming with excitement as they crossed. It's an excellent opportunity to add an extra thrill to your mountain adventure!

3. Bounce, bounce, bounce!

We are a big fan of the Sattel-Hochstuckli bouncy castle town during the summer - and if you've been there, you understand why! That's why we were thrilled to stumble upon a mini cow-themed version this winter, right next to the top gondola station. It's a delightful addition that perfectly complements the warmer weather and adds to the overall fun. Our four-year-old, naturally, insisted on spending nearly 30 minutes jumping, climbing, and sliding down. It's moments like these that make our family adventures truly enjoyable!

4. Hit the playground and dig around

Wrap up the fun day with a visit to the Hidden Playground tucked just behind the Berggasthaus Mostelberg. Complete with all the standard attractions and an electrical digger (requiring 2 CHF to operate) to wind-down (or kick-start) the day.

5. Embark on the 5.4 km Engelstock LOOP Trail (stroller friendly)

For those seeking a lengthier stroll, particularly suitable for strollers with sturdy, off-road wheels, we highly recommend the 5.4 km Engelstock LOOP trail. We did it during a snowless Christmas Break in December and found it to be a wonderful hike. While there are no interactive stations along the path, making it unsuitable for today's outing with our 4-year-old, it remains an excellent choice for families who enjoy longer walks with no attractions (or distractions !). The panoramic views along the trail are absolutely breathtaking, making it a truly memorable experience.



6. Sledge into winter fun

There are two sledging hills to enjoy at the resort. The first, located near the Berggasthaus Mostelberg, is shorter and ideal for younger kids. Equipped with a magic carpet, it provides an easy and fun experience, even when snow is scarce thanks to artificial snow. We visited this hill numerous times last winter, with our then 3-year-old joining us on the sledges and having a blast.

The second hill offers a longer 3.5 km slope, stretching from the top to the bottom gondola. However, it's only open when there's ample natural snow. While we haven't had the opportunity to try it yet, our friends have and reported it to be a very nice experience. They noted that while it offers fun moments, there are some steep sections, making it more suitable for seasoned sledders.

7. Learn to ski At Rondo's Learning and Fun Land

At Rondo's Learning and Fun Land, our three-year-old experienced the joy (and pain!) of skiing for the first time. Kids from three years old can begin their skiing journey in a flat area near the top gondola station and Berggasthaus Mostelberg. Here, they can join introduction classes to get a feel for being on skis, while parents can observe from the comfort of the restaurant terrace, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while keeping an eye on the fun. Once they're comfortable, kids can progress to another ski area equipped with magic carpets and charming characters to further enhance their skiing skills. Lesson bookings can be made here.

Once children (or adults!) gained confidence on the skis, they can continue to refine their skills on 7 km of slopes equipped with pull lifts.

The food factor

Our go-to spot at Sattel Hochstuckli is Berggasthaus Mostelberg. Located next to the top gondola station, it offers tasty food and a fun kids' menu with cute gondola mascots. Our little one was happy to spot them on the menu and insisted on ordering a meal with the yellow character printed just next to it (her favorite of the day).

Berggasthaus Mostelberg Sunday brunch is a highlight, served from 09:00 to 11:00, with an all-you-can-eat menu. You can get a combined ticket for 48 CHF for adults, 27 CHF for children, and free for the youngest ones, which include the brunch and the gondola ride. The promise of this brunch is a great motivator for Dad to get up early for our mountain adventures. He might not be a morning person, but he's definitely a food person. :)

This year, we were delighted to find a new play corner at the restaurant. Complete with a little house, games, and toys, it's the perfect spot for the little ones to unwind after their meal. While they enjoy playing, parents can relax, knowing their children are entertained.

Additionally, kids can explore coloring or reading materials featuring the adorable gondola mascots provided by the restaurant.

The value factor

Ravensburger Spieleland


  • Half-Fair: 23 CHF

  • Full price: 28 CHF

  • Kids 6-15: 14 CHF


  • Full price: 48 CHF

  • Kids 6-15: 27 CHF


  • 10 CHF

Kids below 6 years old: Free

Season passes, ski passes and more here

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