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Ramseier Experience World (Erlebniswelt) Family Guide

Updated: Feb 12

An interactive museum dedicated to Ramseier beverages. Canton Luzerne, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

Happyland Cherokee

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • The Ramseier Experience World is not very big and can be completed in 1-2 hours. Consider combining your visit with the nearby Experience Ice Age Open Air Museum for an extended adventure

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

Founded in 1910, Ramseier is the Swiss maestro of all things apple-tastic! It is a well-known Swiss brand celebrated for its classic and high-quality apple-based beverages, all made from locally grown Swiss apples.

Located near Luzern, Ramseier also provides an enjoyable family experience. Their Erlebniswelt (experience world) invites families to dive into the universe of apples, enjoy their drinks, solve puzzles, and have a great time. It's essentially one large room, with a cozy cinema tucked inside. While it may not be large, we had a fantastic time and spent about 2 hours there. If you're not from the area and the weather cooperates, you can conveniently pair this experience with the Mammut Erlebniswelt, just 20 minutes away, making it into a full day adventure.

So here are our top Ramseier Erlebniswelt highlights with a fun factor:

1. Step into the apple orchard

Stepping into the museum feels like teleporting to an apple universe. Imagine giant apples, towering trees, apple baskets, and cute toy versions of apple juice-making gadgets. We brought along two spirited 4 year-olds, and guess what? They declared this spot their ultimate apple playground, turning into little farmers on a mission to produce apples. It was our cue to kick back, sip on some delicious apple juice and cider, and soak in the appletastic vibes.

2. Unlock the secrets of apple drink crafting

Like any themed museum, this one offers a chance to dive into a specific topic. In this case, the world of apples and its beverage-making process. Enjoy the pictures, audio, and videos to absorb the knowledge. It is available only in French and German, the Picture Google Translate app comes to the rescue. Just snap photos of the text, and voila, you instantly see it in your selected language—a handy workaround for non-French and non-German speakers.

3. Play games with an apple twist

Around the museum, there are lots of fun games and quizzes. Think spot-the-difference, memory challenges, puzzles, and more—all with an apple twist! Plus, the cute pictures worked their magic, drawing in our little problem-solvers for some entertaining playtime.

4. Take photos and send a postcard

We really love this little touch – snapping a family photo on the swing bench and turning it into a postcard with a stamp. It's such a sweet way to surprise our loved ones. There's even a mailbox nearby for easy sending. One photo-token comes with each adult ticket, but if you want more, you can buy them separately. Ours are on their way to the grandparents!

5. The Parents Factor: Sip and relax

And the real treat for both, the kids and the parents – you can indulge in Ramseier non-alcoholic beverages to your heart's content while watching your kids explore the area. Juices, schorles, house teas and more. Here's where I discovered that not all their products are solely apple-based – there are additional flavors like mint, peach, and more.

The food factor

There's a cute café offering snacks, ice cream, cakes, and... sausages made with apples. Initially skeptical, we gave it a try, and everyone enjoyed it so much so that we ended up buying two more... You can also purchase their traditional products at very reasonable prices to bring a taste of Ramseier home with you.

The value factor

Ravensburger Spieleland

Adults: CHF 12.00

Children 6 - 15 years old: 5 CHF

Children up to 6 years: Free

We spent around 2 hrs at Ramseier Erlebniswelt.

Ramseier Erlebniswelt Practical Info

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