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Path of the Dragon (Senda dil Dragun) and Laax Lake (Laaxersee) Family Guide

Updated: Jul 5

Treetop walk with marble rolling stations, nature boards, AR experience and a mega slide. Can be combined with rocksresort PARK adventures or Laaxersee playground. Suitable for strollers.

Laax | Laax - Flims - Falera region (Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

Senda dil Dragun The Path of the Dragon Treetop

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Access to the treetop path and, during the holiday season, to rocksresort PARK requires a fee

  • Picnic at the Path of the Dragon is not allowed

  • The platform walk is not circular, so you need to either return via the platform or hike back

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

Senda dil Dragun, or 'Path of the Dragon' in Romansh, is a 1.56 km treetop adventure in Laax, Switzerland. The path is one-way only, so in total, you will walk just over 3.1 km. It features marble rolling stations, nature boards, AR experience and a 73-meter slide.

You can combine it with a visit to the rocksresort PARK, which has a bike pump park, trampoline, mini football field, mini playground and more, or with a picnic at the playground at Laaxersee (Laax lake).

Overall, we really enjoyed it and found it to be a fun and easy going family adventure.

Here are our Top 4 Fun Factors of the Path of the Dragon (Senda dil Dragun)

1. Walk over the Path of the Dragon

The highlight is the 1.56 km tree-top path, advertised as the longest one in the world. The walkway curves above the treetops, creating an adventurous experience that made us feel like we were following a dragon's journey.

The path is well-constructed and protected on both sides, making it an excellent place for a walk with a stroller or with younger children, keeping them safely contained on the platform. The walkway reaches up to 28 meters above the ground, winding through the forest and offering occasional views over the village of Laax and the surrounding mountains.

2. Roll wooden marbles

The highlight for our kid were the platforms with marble rolling stations. There are various types: a pinball one, one where you can build your own launching mechanism, a tall one with a lift, one that goes along the trail, and one with a balancing platform. These stations are great motivators for kids to keep exploring as they look for the next one.

You can buy the marble from the tourist office or bring your own, just make sure it is wooden.

3. Experience Augmented Reality 

The Senda dil Dragun treetop walkway also features an Augmented Reality (AR) experience available in multiple languages. Children can interact with the magician Ami Sabi in AR, who guides them and shares stories about the forest. Adults can enjoy AR features with actor Andrea Zogg providing insights into the region's geological history and local wildlife. These AR elements are available in German, English, and Romansh.

4. Go down the 73 meters slide

Senda dil Dragun The Path of the Dragon Treetop  slide

The walk on Senda dil Dragun starts with an exciting 73-meter spiral slide located at the entrance tower, often being the main highlight for kids. Sliding down on a mat is mega fun! Just note that the slide is only open during specific hours. If you plan to return over the platform, you can use the slide at the end of your journey to go back to the rocksresort PARK.

However, if you plan to exit at the other end of the platform and either walk back on the ground or head to Laax lake, it's best to use the slide at the start of your adventure since there is no slide at the other end.

5. Play the spotting game

Throughout the walk, there are 38 boards with facts about local nature, also available in English. Not only can you learn about plants and animals, but you can also turn this learning experience into a spotting game! Next to some of the boards, there are figures of the animals they describe hidden in the forest. Challenge your family to see who spots them first.

Beyond the Path of the Dragon (Senda dil Dragun):

6. Hit the rocksresort PARK adventures

Access to Path of the Dragon (Senda dil Dragun) is from the rocksresort PARK, a family-friendly complex of apartments surrounded by restaurants. Various outdoor activities on the resort grounds are available to all visitors (may be at a fee), and you can easily combine your visit to Senda dil Dragun with some fun there. Highlights include bike and trottinette (kick scooter) trails and ramps, ranging from easy ones suitable for beginners to more challenging downhill paths for experienced riders. You can bring your own bike or rent one on-site, with options available in various sizes.

Additional attractions include a mini soft football field, trampolines, a mini playground, and more.

7. Enjoy the Laax playground

Once you finish your walk over the platform, you can either turn around and walk back to rocksresort PARK or exit the platform and head to Laax lake and its playground. The lake area is a lovely spot for a picnic, with tables around and a view of the lake and fountain, right next to the playground for added fun. If you need to return to rocksresort PARK from there, the best way is to take a bus.

The fitness factor

This adventure is very easy and can be easily done with the young kids or with the stroller. The walk on the platform is very easy and flat, its like walking over a bridge. If you want to walk both ways, that is c. 3.1 km. If you prefer to walk down to Laax, you will walk 1.56 over the platform and c. 1.5 km 88 meters downhill to the lake over dirt road and the residential area.

The food factor

Senda dil Dragun The Path of the Dragon  rockresort

At rocksresort PARK, you will find many restaurants, some overlooking the biking track, and a picnic spot. We haven't tried them, but they look good!

Along the treetop walk, there are a few benches where you can sit and have a break with a snack, but picnic is not allowed.

There are also tables at the Laaxersee playground with a nice view of the lake.

The value factor

Senda dil Dragun:

  • Day Access: Adults - 16 CHF | Kids 6 - 17 Years old - 8 CHF

  • Wooden marble: 5 CHF

  • AR experience phone rental (ID deposit required): 5 CHF

Access to the rocksresort PARK:

  • Adults: 7 CHF

  • Children under 16: 5 CHF

Path of the Dragon (Senda dil Dragun) | Practical info

  • Address: Via Murschetg, 7032 Laax

  • Arrival by car: Park in rocksresort PARK parking

  • Arrival by public transport: Take the bus from Chur to Laax GR, Bergbahnen

  • Senda dil Dragun Opening hours:

    • November to April (Winter Season): Circuit: 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m | Slide: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. / 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Weather-dependent)

    • May to October (Summer Season): Circuit: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m | Slide: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. / 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. (Weather-dependent)

    • Check the live status before visiting.

  • Duration: Half a day

  • Stroller friendly: yes

  • Recommended age: any age

  • More info

Senda dil Dragun The Path of the Dragon  maps


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