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Hike: Amdo Mungg Groundhog Trail (Munggeweg Amden)

Updated: Mar 23

Easy circular hike (3.6 km) above Wallensee, some ascent and descent (157 m), with 12 play stations along the way. Amden (St.Gallen, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

Munggeweg Amden hike Amdo Mugg Groundhog

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

Amdo Mungg Groundhog Trail (Munggeweg Amden) impression video

The fun factor

Welcome to the world of cute groundhog Amdo Mungg, who lives above Amden village.

We first "met" him when riding the chairlift up to the beginning of the hike, as it seems he likes to travel on the chairlift himself. He also welcomes you at the top and sets you off on a great adventure with 12 play stations along the way. The stations are simple but did the job to motivate our kid to walk all the way.

Before you start, we recommend picking up the Munggeweg trail map and a treasure hunt card (free of charge) from the chairlift ticket office down in Amden. The trail map is very visual with drawings of each station. Our almost 4 year-old was excited to use the map to track our progress and looked forward to each next station. The goal of the treasure hunt is to collect 4 stamps at four different stations that are part of the hike. If you succeed, you get a small tattoo at the restaurant just next to the top of the chairlift.

The first Munggeweg Amden play station arrives just after the start of the hike, where Amdo tests your sense of touch. Our toddler was excited to put her hand into different wooden boxes and guess the objects inside. Just a few meters further, kids get to practice their balancing skills on wooden trunks - which, of course, we had to do five times.

The next Munggeweg Amden play station is by the Strichboden restaurant, 10 - 30 minutes into the hike (depending on how long you spent on the first 2 play stations :) ). We always like to have a coffee before we start a hike and this restaurant is perfect for it. It has a wooden marble rolling station, mini cars, mini football field, a slide and some animals. All of which are nice "bonus" fun activities set up by the restaurant and not included in the main hike. You can easily chill here and watch your kids play for a while.

Just after the restaurant starts an uphill climb. To motivate the kids to keep walking you'll find some giant colored pencils to climb on and a watch tower, where one of the treasure hunt stations is located. For us it was not enough however, and we had to resort to a lollipop and some popcorn (our secret hiking motivator). The climb continues with some flatter bits where you'll see a few wooden logs to balance on and another wooden marble station. We really appreciated that all marble rolling stations had marbles laying around, so kids can play with them without the parents having to buy some that will only be used once.

After this, a downhill part takes you through a hanging bridge and a barefoot path (always a hit!) to an old tree trunk and a barbecue spot where you can find another Munggeweg Amden treasure hunt station to get your stamp. I am always amazed how comfortable kids are walking bare foot on stones, pine-cones and other surfaces!

 Munggeweg Amden Groundhog photo hike trail

Final stop: Photo session! We were very happy to take a photo with Amdo Mungg and his friends. We're not too sure about the position of the head cutouts though. Normally they are positioned on top of a body, whereas here you'll get some floating heads in the sky :)

The views factor

The hike mostly goes through fields with a very short section through the forest, so you get fantastic views all throughout on mountains and green fields. In the beginning and towards the end of the hike you also get a stunning view of the Walensee. Gorgeous all the way!

The value factor

In 2023, the Sesselbahn Mattstock return chairlift ticket which brings you to the beginning of the hike and back to the parking lot was 15 CHF per adult and 8 CHF per child. It's free for kids below 6 years old.

Tip: Be careful when getting on and off the chairlift.

The only wish we had, was for this hike to have a bit more modern chairlifts. They are ok but quite difficult to get on and off of since they don't slow down when they arrive. The staff is nice and tries to help, but when you get off at the top the path immediately slopes down, so it's very easy to fall and start tumbling down. People with reduce mobility and parents with more than one kid should beware.

The fitness factor

Overall the main hike is quite easy and off-road stroller friendly but there is some climbing to do. (3.6 km, 157 m up and down). On the uphill part, where you cannot see the next play station (between play stations 3 & 6), it took some snacks and hiking games to motivate our almost - 4 - year-old to keep walking. The other parts were much easier.

The food factor

Along the hike are two restaurants. Restaurant Walau is just next to the chairlift station at the top. It has a playground (which was closed when we were there) and a stunning view on the Walensee lake. Alpstübli Strichbode is just after the second play station. It also has its own play areas and great views on the mountains.

The food selection looked good but we did not eat in any of the restaurants as we opted for a picnic this time. If you bring your own food, there is a table next to station 5 and a table with two barbecues next to the station 11.

The gear factor

Amdo Mungg Groundhog Trail (Munggeweg) - practical info

Squitty the Squirrel treasure hunt in Cardada hiking map

  • Arrival by car: You can park either at the Parkhaus Amden Ruestel, Parkplatz Amden Dorf or Parkplatz Amden Vorderdorf

  • Tip: Ask at the chairlift ticket office for the free Munggeweg treasure hunt card and the trail map

  • Take the Sesselbahn Mattstock chairlift from Amden to Niederschlag (be careful getting off at the top)

  • Chairlift timetables (tip: check the operating hours on the website prior as there are seasonal changes)

  • Start & end: Niederschlag chairlift station (1'297 m)

  • Ascent / Descent: 157 m

  • Length: ca. 3.6 km

  • Duration: Play station fun: 30 mins - 2 hrs, hike: 2 hrs. It took us 5 hours in total (including lunch)

  • Amdo Mungg Groundhog Trail (Munggeweg) more info: website | Amden Weesen Tourismus, Dorfstrasse 22, 8873 Amden | 058 228 28 30 |

Play stations overview:

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