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Exploring the Art of Flour at Mühlerama: A Family Adventure

Industrial mill with hands on activities and a museum. Canton of Zürich, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

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What makes it special:

Things to consider:

  • No-Touch Policy: Given the displayed grains at low tables, supervising young kids to avoid touching is essential

  • Safety During Guided Tours: With machines operational, parents must ensure children refrain from touching anything to prevent accidents.

  • Compact Museum, 1-2 Hour Visit

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

Mühlerama isn't just a museum—it's a working mill, offering visitors a chance to dive into the world of grain-to-bread transformation. As you wander through its three floors of permanent exhibits, you'll witness the intricate machinery that powers this age-old craft. Special exhibitions explore the past, present, and future of food consumption.

But it's not all serious learning—there's interactive fun to be had too! Kids can roll up their sleeves and learn the ins and outs of breadmaking, from grinding grain to baking the bread themselves. And for the grand finale, why not take a fun slide down on a flour bag?

So here are our top three Fun Factors of the Mill Museum (Mühlerama):

1. Uncover the secrets of bread making, from grain to loaf

Our Mühlerama adventure began with engaging hands-on activities. Each child received a bag of grains to mill into flour using a variety of manual tools, with parents providing the necessary muscle power. It was a great opportunity to explore traditional flour-making methods and witness firsthand the process behind flour production (dispelling the notion that it simply comes from a bag).

With flour in the bag we went to the kitchen to make dough and create our own bread. The highlight of the process? The dough sticking to our fingers, creating a playful mess. While we're not exactly experts in bread baking (in fact, it's a rarity for us), there's something about crafting bread together in the industrial kitchen of the mill that offers a wholly unique experience compared to our usual kitchen endeavors.

2. Witness Flour Production at scale

While our bread was being baked and cooled, we took the opportunity to explore the museum. We decided to join a guided tour (included in the ticket price) to discover a variety of working machines that clean grains, grind them, and produce flour on an industrial scale. The guide turned them on and allowed us to witness these machines in action, providing valuable insights into the flour-making process at scale. However, please exercise caution during the tours and ensure to hold onto your kids tightly, as the machines lack safety guards and can be dangerous if touched.

Our 4-year-old found a conveyor belt with a story about food and sustainability particularly interesting (Or maybe it was just because she could press a button and make it go back and forth...).

3. Slide down Mühlerama's wooden slide

The highlight, especially for younger children, is a large wooden slide where you get to slide down on an empty linen flour bag. The slide spans across two floors, adding a bit of a workout for the kids. Our 4-year-old couldn't get enough and had to do 6 runs before she finally decided it was time to go back and pick up her bread, which by then was all freshly baked and ready to eat.

Throughout the building, there are also small machines and secret flap doors that kids can discover and operate. In fact, the museum also offers birthday events with various themed treasure hunts. Our favorite (though only on paper for now) is the Mäuseabenteuer (Mouse Adventure), where children dress up as mice and embark on a treasure hunt, solving various tasks and challenges along the way. We're hoping to try it out soon!

The food factor

Beyond the delightful bread, Mühlerama lacks an on-site restaurant. Not to worry though, as you can find the charming Café Kornsilo just next door, with a cosy atmosphere and a special family brunch offering. Alternatively, you can explore Restaurant Blau Ente, located nearby, for a dining experience. We recommend checking opening hours before planning your trip.

The value factor

Ravensburger Spieleland

Adults: CHF 15.00

Children 6 - 18 years old: 9 CHF

Children up to 6 years: Free

Free admission with the ZürichCARD, the Kulturlegi, the Swiss Museum Pass and with a Raiffeisen card

Mühlerama Practical Info

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