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Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution

Updated: Apr 17

Interactive museum about the human body. Zurich, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution dinosaurs

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Who we are and Where we come from exhibitions are not interactive

  • "How we learn" section is only open on Weekends from 1 pm

  • There is no restaurant - just a coffee and vending machine

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video about Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution instead!

The fun factor

1. Embark on the Discovery Trail

When visiting Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution, our tip is to head straight to the Discovery Trail on the top floor. It's an interactive exhibit where kids can touch and play with everything whilst learning about the human body's biology as well as test their senses. We had a lot of fun taking apart and putting together the brain, exploring the human body, checking our hearing, sight and smell, and understanding how the skeleton works. Just a heads up: there's a video showing the birth process that might catch your toddler's attention. It can be a good educational moment, but if you're not ready for a "where do babies come from" talk, you can guide your kid to explore other areas.

2. What is Hiding in the Drawers?

Don't worry if it seems like there aren't many interactive elements when you first come in to the Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution. The real excitement hides in the drawers! Each drawer has things for kids to find, touch, play with, and experiment. We discovered bones, stones, animal skins, games, puzzles, body parts, stethoscopes, cards with cool pictures, and more. Some drawers even have cute dinosaur stickers which is perfect for little kids. Our toddler had a blast going through all the drawers and finding the treasures inside.

4. Learn who we are and where we come from

After you finish playing with the hands-on stuff at Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution, you can go downstairs to a big hall with two floors. The first one is about "Where we come from" and takes you back in time to see how our bodies evolved from the prehistoric area. The second one is called "Who we are" and tells the story of our current bodies. Both displays are well made, but since they don't have hands-on stuff, our toddler zoomed through them pretty fast, eager to find more drawers to explore!

6. How we learn

On weekends from 1 to 6 pm, you can explore one more interactive exhibit at Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution, which is all about learning. We found it fascinating to read about how our brains work with practical examples and hands-on activities. Our toddler really enjoyed this room as it's interactive, with many games and things to discover. To find it, just leave the main building of Kulturama and enter another one just 2 minutes away. If you need help, feel free to ask the staff for directions.

Check the museum schedule for updates on occasional temporary exhibitions happening during your visit.

The food factor

There is a small picnic place wit a coffee and vending machine with snacks and drinks. I would definitely recommend bringing some food with you as selection is very limited.

The value factor

Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution

In 2023 the prices were as follows:

Adults: CHF 14.00

Children (6-16 years): CHF 9.00

Children up to 6 years: Free

Family Pass valid for one year: 60 CHF

We spent around 2.5 hrs at Kulturama.

Kulturama - Museum of Human Evolution - practical info

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