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Hike and a mega playground: Mooraculum Sundew Trail

Updated: May 31

Easy, moor themed circular hike (1,4 km), mostly flat (50 m ascent / descent), with a huge alpine playground and a scavenger hunt. Suitable for off-road strollers. Sörenberg (Canton Luzerne, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

Arosa bear sanctuary & adventure trail  Bear

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Hike is quite short - 1.4 km but you can easily spend half to a full day there.

  • Playground is very sun exposed. Hike is partially in shade

  • You need to pay for the playground treasure hunt booklet (6 CHF)

Mooraculum Sundew Trail & mega playground impression video

The fun factor

To get to the beginning of the adventure you need to take the gondola up. As soon as you arrive, you enter a mega playground with eight different play areas. The absolute hit was a raft crossing a small lake. Such a simple fun idea kept our 3.5 year-old busy for almost one hour! There are all the standards like swings and slides but also original ones such as a mire watering system. Next to each station there is a sign with a challenge (in German and English) - e.g. can you reach 4 forest huts without touching the ground or can you water the mires correctly to make a frog happy (unfortunately we didn't...).

The playground is really an adventure on its own and was enough to keep our 3.5 year-old busy for 2.5 hours. If your kids, however, want more, there is also a treasure hunt. To participate, you need to buy (6 CHF) "Söpplis Entdecker OL" ( Explorer Supplies) booklet at the gondola station (top or bottom) and embark on a quest to find 8 different animals hidden around the playground. For each animal you find you need to punch holes in your booklet in the right place. Hand over completed the assignment at the Rossweid Restaurant to get a small gift and a chance to win a bigger prize.

There are two circular hikes leaving from the playground - a shorter Sundew Trail (1.4 km) and a longer Moor Trail (4.5 km). We did (and described here) the Sundew one (Sonnentauweg) - combined with the playground fun and lunch break it was enough for a full day adventure.

Along the way there are 18 different play stations, including massaging chairs, swing beds, telescopes and a barefoot path. From many play stations you can already see the next one, to motivate little ones to get going. Our toddler was very excited to run ahead to discover what comes next.

There is also a quest along the way. To participate, you need to get the moor whisperer pass booklet at the gondola station (available in English), solve different quizzes about moors and uncover a secret word. You can find answers to the questions on the information boards scattered along the hike (or, like we did, on google).

The value factor

The one way gondola prices for adults in 2023 were 15 CHF. If you take the gondola both ways it will set you back 24 CHF per adult. You can also rent a trotti (12 CHF) or walk back (c. 3.5 km). You get discounts with SBB Halbtax.

Most of this type of hikes do not charge for booklets and flyers to do the treasure hunts - here for the playground one you have to pay 6 CHF (the hike one is for free).

The views factor

The views were absolutely stunning! You see majestic high mountains, forests and fields and of course, moors! We came with the grandparents and they (and we!) were in awe.

The fitness factor

Arosa bear sanctuary & adventure trail skywalk

The road is gravel and mostly flat, perfect for off-road strollers or short legs. Even though the hike is only 1.4 km, with a toddler pace, breaks to admire the views and stops at different play stations it took us around 2.5 hrs to complete it.

It is a great place to bring grandparents or guests with kids who are not used to hiking, as the views are amazing and the walk is short.

The food factor

There is one restaurant at the top of the hike with a buffet with all the basics - pasta, chicken nuggets, burgers, sausages and also some salads. There are also some barbecue spots in the playground area with readily available wood.

Mooraculum Sundew Trail & mega playground - practical info

Arosa bear sanctuary & adventure trail hiking paths

Playground play stations:

1. Labyrinth

2. Mire watering system

3. Water play and swings

4. Water house and raft

5. Climbing playground and slides

6. Forest playground

7. Balancing bridge

8. Cricket and singing frog

Arosa bear sanctuary & adventure trail map

Arosa bear sanctuary & adventure trail map

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