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A Family's Guide to Chaplin's World: An Immersive Experience at the Museum

Charlie Chaplin Immersive Experience & Museum. Vaud, Switzerland.

The "it" factor

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What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

  • Warning! After your visit, you might just become a massive Charlie Chaplin fan!

  • While museum is interactive, younger kids (2-3 years) may need supervision to prevent any accidental damage to the props.

Don't feel like reading? Watch a video instead!

The fun factor

Did you know that Charlie Chaplin lived and passed away in Switzerland? We were unaware until we stumbled upon Charlie Chaplin's World in Vevey. He relocated to Switzerland at the age of 64 and made it his home. In 2016 his former residence has been converted into Chaplin's World —an interactive experience and museum where you can immerse yourself in the sets of his movies, explore his house and learn a lot about his impressive life and his time.

Our experience surpassed all expectations. It was engaging, very well-done, and truly memorable for us all. We honestly did not fully realize just how talented, courageous and politically engaged Chaplin was. It now makes much more sense to us for Chaplin to be known as one of the most iconic and complete artist of all time. This visit was a profoundly inspiring experience for the whole family.

So here are our top five Fun Factors of Chaplin's World

1. Immerse yourself in Chaplin's World

Our visit began in the first large building, where connected rooms were built like sets from Charlie Chaplin's movies. The props are exceptionally well-done, making the experience very immersive. Our four-year-old was truly excited to be transported into different universes and explored with curiosity.

We only had a superficial knowledge of Chaplin and his work going in. It was really great to be able to waltz through reconstructions of famous movie scenes with life-size characters. Even if you're not (yet) a big fan of Charlie Chaplin, this adventure is incredibly fun. You can read about the background story of each movie and learn how Charlie was involved in making them and how he drew from his tough personal upbringing to become the silent voice of the marginalized. We were surprised to learn that he was not only acting but also devising the script, composing music, producing, editing, and doing pretty much everything! What a talent!

2. Meet Chaplin's friends

Nestled among the sets are wax figures of famous folks Charlie Chaplin crossed paths with. From Michael Jackson, Laurel and Hardy to Albert Einstein and more, they're spot-on replicas. Our four-year-old, oblivious to their fame, treated them like oversized action figures, turning the visit into a playful adventure.

3. Devise your own movie

At the Charlie Chaplin Museum, with its captivating sets and lifelike wax figures, we were inspired to unleash our inner actors! We became barbers, indulged in imaginary feasts at restaurants, executed daring jailbreaks, maneuvered through machine parts, tickled the piano keys, and savored moments of relaxation with pretend newspapers. It truly felt like our own personal stage and playground for imagination.

4. Discover the person behind the movies

After visiting the interactive museum, you have the opportunity to explore Charlie Chaplin's last residence and family home. It's fascinating to delve into the life of this iconic figure beyond his on-screen persona. Not only did he star in his movies, but he also was behind the full creation process, from designing and writing scripts to composing the music and editing the final cut. Later in his career, he even produced and funded his own films, especially when he faced pressure from governments and the powerful, showcasing his remarkable courage, determination and broad-reaching talent.

Exploring his private life offers a glimpse into the many relationships he had, as well as his family life with numerous wives and children. You can imagine yourself living in his shoes as you tour his rooms and see how he lived. It's a truly immersive experience that brings you closer to the man behind the legend.

5. Special seasonal activities

The outdoor garden space is a must-see, providing expansive views of the picturesque lake and serving as a venue for various seasonal activities. When we visited, the garden was adorned with charming Christmas decorations, and we learned that in April 2024, there will be a Chaplin circus show. We are sad to miss it - if you happen to attend, we'd love to hear all about your experience!

Just beside the exit, there is a shop featuring Chaplin's hats, canes (in fact, almost every young child leaves with one... ours is still lying somewhere in a corner, never used after!), books, stationery, clothes, and more.

The food factor

The charming café on-site offers an immersive dining experience, with its interior resembling a movie set. We indulged in a snack before our adventure, soaking in a Charlie Chaplin-inspired mood.

For those who prefer the outdoors, there are tables available outside, allowing you to enjoy your meal amidst the beautiful garden overlooking the lake, perfect for a picnic setting.

The value factor

Ravensburger Spieleland

Adults: CHF 30.00

Children 6 - 15 years old: 21 CHF

Children up to 6 years: Free

  • Family tickets available

  • Save up to 8 CHF by booking online at least one day ahead

Chaplin's World Practical Info

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