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Walk with restaurants & playgrounds: Buchenegg - Felsenegg

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Short walk (2km one way, 4 km round trip), mostly flat and in the shade, suitable for strollers and bikes. 2 restaurants, trampolines, playground and a carousel. Can be combined with a gondola ride. 25 minutes from Zurich.

Final verdict: Recommended for locals

The it factor

A short walk with 2 restaurants, trampolines, small carousel and a playground. The walk is mostly in the shade (great for hot sunny weather) and is suitable for bikes even for beginner riders as it's quite flat and safe. If you want to skip the walk and go straight to the restaurant, you can also take the gondola.

The fun factor

Just next to the parking lot, there is a cute Chnuschper-Hüsli restaurant with a fun decor kids love and three big trampolines. You can either start your walk with a drink and a small snack or keep it as a motivation and reward for kids on the way back.

The walk itself is nice but there are no activities for kids along the way. To make it more fun for the little ones, you can bring bikes, as the road is relatively flat and wide enough.

The walk leads to the Felsenegg restaurant with a small carousel (1CHF per ride) and a playground - both directly in the sun though. Our 3.5 year-old daughter couldn` get enough of it!

Just next to the playgroud there is a gondola going back to Adliswil - another potential small adventure for kids. If you take it down, there is, unfortunately, no way to go back to the beginning of the hike by public transport. But if your kids are too tired to go back, you can take the gondola down and send a "designated driver" to walk back to the car and pick you up from the gondola station down.

The views factor

The walk goes a little bit through fields but mostly shaded forests. It can be a good option for a hot day, to protect the kid from too much sun.

The most beautiful views overseeing the Zurich lake are from the top of the hike, next to the Felsenegg restaurant. Having a nice beverage on the restaurant's terrace just admiring the view is a definite treat for the parents. Add ice-cream for kids to the mix and everyone is happy :)

The fitness factor

The Buchenegg - Felsenegg walk is mostly flat, 4 km in total. You can break it down into 2 x 2 km walks (there and back from the restaurant), which makes it quite easy to do for the whole family.

The food factor

We have only tried the food in Felsenegg restaurant. There are good choices with healthy options and a kids' menu. The quality is good, however, quite pricy.

Buchenegg - Felsenegg impression video

Practical info

By car:

A: Start and end:

C: Gondola station - (top)

D:Gondola station (bottom) Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg (Zelgstrasse 80, 8134 Adliswil, Switzerland)

  • 4 km in total (2 km one way), mostly flat

  • Stroller and bike friendly

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