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Hike in Switzerland: Brunni Panoramaloop

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

2.9 km hike, uphill (or downhill, if you do it in reverse), suitable for off-road strollers, way back is done with a chairlift. June 2023 addition: wooden marble stations along the way. 1 hr 10 min from Zurich.

Final verdict: Highly recommended (5/5)

The it factor: 5/5

The views, playgrounds, mountain toboggans, wooden marbles rolling stations (June 2023 addition) and barefoot path make it a great family destination with smaller kids. For older kids, there are also other hiking options in the area (treasure hunt ) - which we will check out and share with you soon.

The fun factor: 5/5

The hike starts at the top of the gondola station Ristis next to a bouncy castle, playgrounds, and a restaurant. There is plenty to do - trampoline, climbing wall, pedal go (steps-on-wheels), slides, swings and other games (e.g. throwing tennis balls into the milk bottles)... We stayed there over lunch and only started the hike in the afternoon, with our little one resting in the stroller.

For children above 3 years (although our daughter was 2.5) there is also a giant toboggan which was a hit with our little one. She couldn't get enough of it!

The hike itself can be a bit tough for kids due to 265 m ascent. But it is not very long (2.9km) and there is one playground half way (Rigidalalp) to break it down into 2 manageable parts. The recent addition of wooden marbles rolling stations along the way (June 2023) is an excellent motivation to keep kids going. We used the hiking time as a nap time in the stroller and enjoyed the views.

At the top of the hike (Brunnihütte station) there is an around-the-lake amazing barefoot sensory path with a small water play area. There is also a snack bar and restaurant so you can treat your kids (and yourself!) to some nice ice cream. Great reward after the hike! Tip: bring swim suits / extra changes of clothes!

To go down, you can take a chair lift. We did it with our 2.5 year-old holding her on our lap. If your stroller folds, you can also take it down with you - the local staff will be able to help you with that.

If you prefer to skip the chairlift, you can always either go back the same way or through the globine treasure hunt - no strollers though!

The views factor: 5/5

The hike goes mostly through open fields and alpine areas and a little bit through the forest. Half of it is on a paved road, the other half on gravel, but it can be done with off-road strollers. The alpine views are spectacular - we were in awe.

Next to Brunnihütte (top hut) you get the treat of a beautiful Harzlisee lake, where you can sit down, put your feet in the water and enjoy the view.

The fitness factor: 2/5

To go uphill (265 m) ascent, can be a bit though, especially for younger kids. If you want to make it less demanding, do it in reverse but beware that it has steep parts on gravel and you'll have to be careful. For the easiest option and just to experience a fun day in the mountains - you can always skip the hike all together and take the chairlift both ways :)

The food factor: 4/5

There are three occasions to get some food - at Ristis, at Rigidalalp and at the Brunnihut. All have good options for kids and adults.

Practical info

  • Park just next to the gondola station

  • Take Engelberg-Ristis gondola

  • Start & End: Ristis (1606)

  • Follow T10 and W24 path on the map

  • Take the chair lift back

  • Ascent: 265 m

  • Decend: 3 m

  • Length: ca. 2.9 km

  • Duration: 1 hr 15 mins walking without stops with kids

  • Tip: bring swimsuits / change of clothes!

  • Tip buy wooden balls for rolling stations

  • To make it less demanding, you can also do it in reverse

  • More info here

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