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Exploring Blausee Natural Park: A Family Guide

A stunning small lake with vibrant blue waters, filled with fishes set in a 20-hectare Natural Park with alpacas (summer only). Partially suitable for strollers. Bernese Highlands (Canton of Bern, Switzerland).

The "it" factor

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What makes it special:

What needs to be considered

  • No fishing or swimming allowed

  • Can be packed with tourists

  • Parking is limited

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The fun factor

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of the Bernese Oberland, Blausee is a captivating lake embraced by a vast 20-hectare park. To enter the park, you need a ticket, granting access to the lake and surrounding amenities, including playgrounds, restaurants, barbecue spots, an organic trout farm, encounters with alpacas (summer only), and a complimentary boat trip. Alternatively, guests staying at the hotel enjoy complimentary park entry included in their accommodation package.

The lake's stunning blue hue is truly befitting of its name: Blausee.  The color of the water depends on lighting and weather and you might get a lighter or darker shade on the day of your visit. In any case, the colors and surroundings make it a mesmerizing location.

According to stories, Blausee's captivating blue hue traces back to a tragic love story involving a young girl who lost her beloved. Some say it’s due to the tears of her broken heart while others say the water is as blue as her eyes. You can witness the statue of this sad young girl under the water, which was crafted by artist and sculptor Raphael Fuchs.

Blausee's beautiful clear waters draw visitors from around the world, so if you're planning to visit during peak season (June - September), expect crowds of tourists eager to capture the lake's beauty. During the off-season, the park is relatively empty, but do note that you won't encounter the Llamas and Alpacas as they're only present during the summer months.

Here are our top 6 Fun Factors of Blausee

1. Relax by the lake while your kids have fun

The main highlight of the Blausee park is undoubtedly the lake itself. Its blend of blue, turquoise, and green left us utterly fascinated. Moreover, the lake's remarkable clarity allows to view down to its 12-meter-deep bottom. Please note, swimming is not allowed.

The lake is relatively small and surrounded by pathways, making it perfect for a leisurely stroll. Main paths are accessible with a stroller, forest paths are not stroller-friendly.

Right by the lake, there's a nice playground and barbecue spot with tables and benches, complete with provided wood. While your kids play, you can enjoy the lake views.

In case of bad weather, there's a roofed area, but there are no indoor play areas, so consider checking the forecast before you come.

2. Row Your Way on the Blausee

Included in the park ticket is a complimentary rowing boat ride that allows you to experience the lake differently. One of the most remarkable moment for us was observing the trouts swimming in the lake and under the boat. They were large, plentiful, and surprisingly friendly, often approaching the boat and even allowing us to pet them! While there is a glass-bottom boat available for viewing, we found it easier to simply look out onto the water. Please note, fishing is not allowed.

As you navigate, you'll pass by a poignant statue crafted by artist and sculptor Raphael Fuchs, commemorating a mourning lady who lost her beloved. It leaves quite an impression!

3. Say hello to Llamas and Alpacas

During the summer, alpacas and llamas migrate from Aeschi to Blausee, settling in the forest clearing within the park. These adorable and friendly creatures quickly become companions to children visiting the area. While our 4-year-old was initially hesitant, they soon warmed up to the animals and enjoyed petting them. Nearby benches and barbecue spots provide the perfect opportunity for relaxation while your kids make friends with these amazing animals. Just ensure they treat them kindly.

4. Explore Blausee's Enchanting Forest Pathways

The park features two paths: the main path and the forest path. The main path is stroller-friendly, while the forest path traverses rocks and stairs, making it unsuitable for strollers. Good shoes are recommended as the stones can be slippery and the surface is uneven.

The walk is relatively short, with the longer route taking around 20 to 45 minutes to complete with kids, depending on your pace. The forest area is particularly unique, with large stones and trees that seem straight out of a movie set. It offers a magical ambiance, perfect for imagining yourself on a special quest through a mystical kingdom!

5. Extended Hiking Adventures Beyond Blausee

If you're interested in a longer hike, you can exit Blausee through a small bridge over the river. From there, you can explore longer trails, potentially reaching Ochinesee. However, it's important to note that these routes don't offer designated play areas. So, if you're traveling with a child who enjoys stops along the way to play and stay motivated, like ours, these trails might not be ideal. Nevertheless, for avid hikers who are self-motivated, these trails offer fantastic adventures.

6. Witnessing Trout Farming

At the rear of the hotel lies an organic trout farm. What caught the eye of our 4-year-old was a charming fountain created by a suspended water tap.

We were particularly impressed by the trout farming method. Instinctively, trouts swim against the current, a trait encoded in their genes. Placed in a pond and exposed to a strong current, they naturally swim against it, effectively remaining stationary. It's a valuable life lesson to witness.

The fitness factor

Blausee park offers a range of recreational activities suitable for families, ensuring accessibility for visitors of all fitness levels. Whether you opt for the stroller-friendly paths, perfect for a leisurely lakeside stroll, or choose to explore deeper into the forest to encounter the Alpacas (available in summer), there's something for everyone to enjoy.

During our visit with the grandparents, we discovered that Blausee provided the ideal balance of nature exploration with easily accessible paths, making it a delightful experience for individuals of all ages and abilities.

The value factor

Ticket prices at Blausee vary depending on the season, day of the week, and length of stay. During the summer season, prices tend to be higher, especially on weekends and holidays. Visitors can choose from day tickets or after 5 pm passes, with adult day tickets ranging from 9 CHF to 13 CHF, and children aged 6 and above priced between 5 CHF and 9 CHF. Children below the age of 6 can enter for free.

The boat trip and Alpacas are included in the ticket price.

The food factor

The hotel features a restaurant offering fine dining options, along with a nearby café serving delicious bagels. We indulged in the bagels and found them to be excellent! Check the map for detailed locations.

While we didn't dine at the hotel restaurant for dinner, we opted for the nearby Felsenburg restaurant, which offered delicious food in a more casual setting. Plus, it had a playground nearby, which was perfect for our family.

If you're a picnic enthusiast like us, Blausee is perfect for you. Four picnic spots are conveniently located next to the restaurant terrace, by the playground, by the trout farm and near the Alpacas. What impressed us the most was how well-organized and convenient everything was, with wood provided for your grilling needs where barbecue was present. Check the map for detailed locations.

The comfort factor

You can visit Blausee for a day trip or extend your stay overnight, with accommodation options including the on-site hotel with a spa, rental houses within Blausee Park, or nearby hotels. Opting to stay at the Blausee Hotel allowed us to experience the park after the day-trippers had left, enjoying its serene beauty late at night and early in the morning.

Although the hotel offered amenities like a spa area with a jacuzzi (but no swimming pool), we found that it catered more to adults and lacked specific facilities for children.

Blausee family visit - practical info


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