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Attraction: Indoor playground with pools Hüpfburg-Ziegelei

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Small but premium looking indoor playground with a rooftop and inflated pools and plenty of sitting space for parents. Einsielden (Switzerland), 35 minutes from Zurich.

Final verdict: Highly recommended (when not too busy)

The it factor

Hüpfburg Ziegelei indoor playground Einsiedeln near Zurich indoor slide

This indoor playground offers all the standards such as climbing areas, trampolines, slides, ball pits, and charges extra for go-karts and arcade games. In addition, there is also a roof terrace with two giant inflatable pools with slides and playhouses. We missed a pool for smaller kids though and a bit more shade.

It has a slightly more premium feel than other indoor playgrounds and plenty of seats and couches for parents to chill and watch their kids play.

We have visited it on a sunny Sunday, 11:00 - 14:00 and it was not crowded at all. It only started getting more busy when we were leaving.

Indoor playground with pools Hüpfburg-Ziegelei: Impressions video

The fun factor

The main area is quite spacious with climbing paths, obstacle courses, balancing bridges, slides, small trampolines and more. There is also a separate giant trampoline, a small football / basketball field and a swing.

For an extra 1-2 CHF per ride, kids can also enjoy electric go-carting, arcade games or digging with a tractor in pool full of balls (our daughter's favourite!)

There is also a separate climbing area with a slide for smaller kids and a mini section for babies - both adjacent to the restaurant.

For a hot day, the pools are a real hit. There are two - one with a smaller slide and a splash area for kids to play in while the other one has a higher slide but not a play area. Our daughter was having a blast jumping around in an inflatable donut (also provided) and we could enjoy chilling in the nice shaded sofas. My only wish would be to have a 3rd pool for younger kids with even a smaller slide - ideally in the shade. These two slides are a bit too scary for smaller kids.

When the kids have enough of the water, there are also playhouses and slides. Everything is exposed in the sun though and the floor gets hot - sun screen and pool shoes are a must.

The unique factor

Three things make Hüpfburg-Ziegelei worth the visit over other play areas.

  1. The rooftop with pools: perfect for a hot day

  2. The more premium feel: not only related to the decor but also to a great service. You feel very welcomed and well looked after by the great employees

  3. The parents comfort factor: sofas and chairs provided everywhere for the parents to sit and you can watch your kids play from the restaurant

The food factor

Hüpfburg Ziegelei indoor playground Einsiedeln near Zurich food

The food is comparable to all other indoor playgrounds - burgers, chicken nuggets, pizzas, fries. It is, however, more nicely served.

The eating area inside and outside oversee the playgrounds, which is great when you want to have a drink whilst watching your kid play.

The value factor

This indoor playground near Zurich is reasonably priced. Adults also have to pay (in 2023 - 5chf) but there is a beverage included, and that's a nice touch.

Practical info

Hüpfburg Ziegelei indoor playground Einsiedeln near Zurich maps
  • 35 minutes from Zurich

  • Holiday period: open Wed, Fri, Sat Sun (closed on Mon, Tue ,Thu)

  • Holiday break 10th July - 3rd August 2023

  • Bring swim suits

  • Terrace can get a bit hot - bring flip flops

  • Can be combined with a visit to a beautiful Einsiedeln Abbey

  • More info here

How does the rating work?

As it is unfair to compare different types of activities, each one is evaluated against similar in its category (e.g. indoor playgrounds are compared against indoor playgrounds). The scoring is completely subjective. Activities scored 4 (recommended) or 5 (highly recommended) are considered as best in class and worth a visit.

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