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Hike: Arosa Squirrel Trail (Eichhörnliweg)

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Very easy, one-way hike (2.2 km), mostly slightly downhill. Many squirrels along the way happily grabbing nuts off kids hands. Suitable for off-road strollers. Arosa (Switzerland).

The "it" factor

Arosa Squirrel trial (Eichhörnliweg) toddler feeding

What makes it special:

What needs to be considered:

The fun factor

This hike is all about the squirrels. When we did it in August 2023, we met many squirrels along the way who were not afraid of kids and happily approached us to get a treat. Our 3.5 year old was very excited to search and spot them in the forest and then calmly lure them in with a nut to have them eat it off her hand. You can buy a nut bag at any gondola station in Arosa (the bag contains walnuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds) or just bring your own. Just make sure you don't feed the squirrels peanuts as they can get sick.

At the gondola ticket office and information point you can also pick up a "Themenwege" (Themed routes) booklet. Inside you can find a quest for the Eichhörnliweg (Squirrel trial): Find secret words along the route, write them in the booklet and show at the tourist information to get a prize. We love these little detective tasks as they make the hike much more engaging for kids.

The hike starts with a playground, just next to the Golf and Sporthotel Hof Maran. You can skip this playground and start the hike straight away. I find that a bit of play at the beginning of a hike can put children in a good mood and motivate them for the hike - not too much though, not to tire them out.

Less than 10 minutes into the hike you encounter a forest play area with a barbecue spot. It doesn't have typical playground items but our little explorer found it very fun. The highlight was a stream with stones and a water wheel. Tip - bring good anti-slippery and waterproof shoes for this part.

The official Arosa Squirrel trail (Eichhörnliweg) ends down in the Arosa town. Our version, however, ends at the Arosa playground. It is quite large with attractions for younger and older kids and a beautiful mountain views. As the last part of the hike is without squirrels and on a paved road, the promises of this playground kept our little hiker motivated and going.

There is also a bike pump track just next to the playground. It is not very difficult (some biking skills are required though) and can be done on balance bikes as well as push bikes. We left the bike in the car that was parked nearby and brought it there after the hike.

The views factor

Most of the Arosa Squirrel trail leads through the forest and feels more like a forest walk. It is a nice alternative to other alpine walks in the area and also offers shade on sunny days.

Towards the end of the walk you can see a small creek and a view on the Arosa Obersee.

Last part of the walk goes through the Arosa village on a paved road. There are occasional squirrels painted on the road which (along with a view of the playground) can motivate kids to keep walking to finish the hike.

Other fun hike in the area: Arosa Bear Sanctuary & Adventure Trail

The fitness factor

It is relatively short (2.2 km) walk, slightly downhill and on an even surface. It requires a low fitness level. It is also stroller friendly (some gravel on the way so off-road strollers preferred). If you want to challenge yourself and the kids, you can always do the walk in reverse.

The food factor

The hike starts just next to the Golf and Sportshotel Hof Maran. It is a kids friendly restaurant that also offer some breakfast options. You can enjoy a drink whilst your children are at the playground. (Note that in August of 2023, due to construction near the hotel, the playground was only accessible on weekends).

Only a few minutes into the hike you encounter a forest play area with tables and a barbecue spot. We were a bit reluctant to stop after only a short walk but in the end we did just for a little bit to enjoy the forest views and watch kids exploring the surroundings.

The hike ends in Arosa with many restaurants and cafes around.

Final verdict: Highly Recommended if you are in the area and looking for something easy

Arosa Squirrel trial (Eichhörnliweg) - practical info

  • There is no official parking. If you arrive by car, you can park in one of the public ones - we recommend Im Äckerli Parking

  • It is a one way hike. Take the bus 62 from Arosa Bahnhof to Arosa Maran (c. 8 mins, 8 stops) to reach the beginning of the hike

  • Start: Golf and Sportshotel Hof Maran

  • End: Arosa Spielplatz

  • Follow the Eichhornliweg signs

  • Descend: 120 m

  • Length: ca. 2.2 km

  • You can also do the hike in reverse, if you prefer to go uphill - you will then need to take the bus 62 back to Arosa

  • Duration: 1 hr plus time spent on playgrounds and feeding squirrels. It took us 3 hrs in total

  • More info

  • Official Map of the hike - please note this version does not include the Arosa Spielplatz

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As it is unfair to compare different types of activities, each one is evaluated against similar in its category (e.g. themed hikes are compared against themed hikes). The scoring is completely subjective. Activities scored 4 (recommended) or 5 (highly recommended) are considered as best in class and worth a visit.

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